Excelling in medical student, resident and fellowship education.

A leader in Women's Health research.

Providing stellar patient care for patients across the Denver Metro area and Colorado.



The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology was founded in 1949 at the University of Colorado. Departmental faculty provide a full-spectrum of clinical care for women of all ages, participate in research, and provide education to students and residents.

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is dedicated to:

  • Serving the women of Colorado and the surrounding states.
  • Excelling in the education of medical students and residents.
  • Delivering comprehensive patient care.
  • Participating in research into areas of women's health.

At the University of Colorado Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, we strive to foster a climate that values and promotes diversity, inclusion, and equity. Diversity refers to the variety of personal experiences, values, and worldviews that arise from differences of culture and circumstance. Such differences include race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, language, abilities/disabilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, geographic region, political viewpoints and more. Inclusion means that there is an environment of belonging where all members in this department are respected and valued for their unique knowledge, experiences, and skills. Equity means that every person within this department has the opportunity to achieve their highest potential and no one person is disadvantaged because of difference. 

Because our mission is to promote and advance the health of our patients through innovative discovery in research, education, patient care and national leadership, we recognize we must seek to achieve diversity among our leadership, our faculty, our trainees, our researchers, and our staff, in order to better represent and serve the diversity in our community and beyond. Our aim at achieving diversity is fundamental to our recruitment practices for faculty, staff, and learners. The Department particularly acknowledges the acute need to remove barriers to the recruitment, retention, and advancement of talented students, faculty, and staff from historically excluded populations who are currently underrepresented.

Diversity is also integral to the Department’s aim at excellence in education. Ideas and practices based on those ideas can be made richer when nurtured by a diverse community. Educational excellence that truly incorporates diversity promotes mutual respect and makes possible the full, effective use of the talents and abilities of all, ultimately fostering innovation and training future leadership.

In our research enterprise, diversity of thought and experience greatly enhances our ability to investigate new or existing concepts with curiosity, innovation, and a mindful focus on disparities that have historically existed in academic research programs. We recognize that employing and engaging a diverse group of scholars and researchers broadens our clinical research and facilitates a connection with a diverse patient population, driving more meaningful and robust discoveries.

The Department vows its commitment to recognize and nurture merit, talent, and achievement by supporting diversity, inclusion, and equitable opportunity in its education, clinical care, and administration, as well as research and creative activity.



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The University of Colorado Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has been a leader in the training and education of the next generation of Women's Health Clinicians. We have a number of programs which cover the spectrum of women's healthcare, find out more about our programming below:

University of Colorado Department of OB-GYN basic sciences investigators and clinical researchers are fully committed to extending our longstanding tradition of research excellence. To this end, we have established research programs in all of the major subdivision of OB-GYN and some non-traditional areas, such as mammary gland biology. We have developed full-spectrum bench-to-bedside research programs in most of these areas, and have been participants in numerous clinical trials, both NIH and industry-sponsored. To learn more about our research, choose a link below:

Our University of Colorado physicians, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives and physician assistants provide a broad range of consultation, comprehensive treatment planning and services for patients across the state of Colorado under the umbrella of CU Colorado Women's Health. Find out more about our services:

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