Medical Grand Rounds Archive

11/29/2023Meilan Han, MD, MSThe Crisis of Lung Health: The Achilles' Heel We Didn't Know We Had
11/15/2023Joyce Lee, MDAdvances in Rheumatoid Arthritis Associated Interstitial Lung Disease
11/8/2023Dan Barouch, MD, PhDThe 2023 Tim Gill Distinguished Lectureship - Novel HIV Vaccine and Cure Strategies
11/1/2023Ann Marie Schmidt, MD"RAGE/DIAPH1: Insights into the Mechanisms of Cardiometabolic Stress and Novel Opportunities for Disease-Modifying Therapies"
10/25/2023Kimberly Manning, MD, FACP, FAAP"The Space Between: A Narrative Journey through the Hidden Curriculum"
10/18/2023Jane EB Reusch, MD"Exercise, Diabetes and Longevity: A translational research journey tackling a clinically important question"
10/11/2023Tracy L. Bale, PhD"Extracellular Vesicles as Trauma Signals"
10/4/2023Taison D. Bell, MD
University of Virginia
"So Whatcha Sayin’?: Pandemic Lessons on Communication"
9/27/2023Joshua Barocas, MD"Moving the Needle on Public Health: Doing Research that Informs Public Health Policies"
9/20/2023Josephine C. Chou, MD, MS"CU Cardio-Obstetrics: Our First Year"
9/6/2023Duane Pearson, MD"The Right-Sizing of Care: A Peer Mentored Care Model"
8/30/2023Katie Dickinson, PhD, MS"Environmental Justice, North Denver, and You"
8/23/2023Donald Nease, MD"Virchow's Social Medicine Today – Toward Health Equity through Community Engagement"
8/16/2023Joe Frank, MD
Susan Calcaterra, MD, MPH/MSPH, MS
"Updates in Opioid Use Disorder Policy, Diagnosis and Treatment"
8/9/2023David Mafe
"DEI – The Path to Meeting a Mission and Building a Workforce"
8/2/2023Anupa B. Jena, MD, PhD
Harvard Medical School
"Random Acts of Medicine"

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