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Denver is a fantastic place to live and work with over three hundred days of sunshine a year, eight professional sporting teams, easy access to an international airport, diverse cultural events and dining experiences, and amazing outdoor recreation. A major perk of living in Denver is the proximity to the Rocky Mountains and the ability to take in the surrounding beauty on a daily basis. Even on your hardest day, there is something peaceful and serene about seeing the mountains on your drive home.

Downtown Denver offers high-rise apartment living while the nearby LoDo, RiNo and Ballpark neighborhoods offer renovated warehouses with contemporary lofts. Uptown and Highlands are directly east and west of downtown, with mixes of older homes and new development. These areas are a little closer to the Denver Health hospital and offer vibrant entertainment, nightlife, recreation and many options for great food and shopping.

Central Park (formerly known as Stapleton) and Lowry are newer housing developments located near the Anschutz Medical Campus. They offer a suburban feel, family-friendly living, outdoor recreation, and multiple amenities. Many residents, attendings and other hospital employees choose to live here due to the proximity to work, great schools and nice outdoor spaces.

Capitol Hill, Park Hill, Hale, and Cheesman Park are established neighborhoods near the Denver Health hospital. They offer a wide variety of housing options including apartments, townhomes, and single family homes. These neighborhoods host numerous corner stores, retail shops, and charming local restaurants. They also have lots of green spaces where you can go for a stroll or run. Cheesman Park is home to the beautiful Botanic Gardens and Park Hill has several great museums and the Denver Zoo!


Denver is a vibrant, growing city made up of multiple diverse neighborhoods ranging from high-rise urban living to community orientated suburban options. As Denver continues to be a popular place to live, work and play, housing costs have been on the rise, but residents have no problem finding great places to rent or buy. You can reach out to any of the residents and they can answer any of your housing questions.

... rents a one bedroom home in the West Highlands for $1400/mo that has a yard and a garage that is about 15-20 minute drive to every clinical site we rotate at. The neighborhood has a lot of young adults and young families and is home to many fun restaurants and bars (many within walking distance!) as well as a bakery that is open 6 hours a week and seems to sell out minutes before Sutton arrives every time, which is how you know it’s good. Trails in Golden are just a 15 min drive away, and within walking distance is Sloan’s Lake, a lake with a 2.6 mile paved bike path around it that has some of the best mountain sunset views in the city.

... lives in a high rise apartment building in Washington Park. The building and many like it have the convenience of tons of amenities, including covered parking, gym, pool/jacuzzi, bikes, a dog wash, and many more! The area is beautiful, just a few blocks from Washington Park (lakes, tennis courts, volleyball leagues, dogs, babies, runners, bikers, you name it!) through a very walkable neighborhood. Her drive to Denver Health is a mere 6 minutes and only 22 to Anschutz. She loves being only minutes away from some of her favorite neighborhoods: RiNo, Capitol Hill, Congress Park, and Cheesman Park.

... owns a home with his wife and kids in Meadow Hills (southern Aurora). The neighborhood has a family feel with a great school district and the Cherry Creek State Park across the street. It’s an easy shot up 225 to Anschutz. When he’s feeling ambitious, he can bike to both Anschutz and Denver Health almost entirely on dedicated bike paths.

... owns a house in Central Park with a yard and is approximately 15-20 minutes from downtown and 15-20 minutes from the Anschutz campus. The area has lots of young families and young professionals, and is great to walk to nearby parks to get outside!

... rents a room in a house in Central Park for $750/mo. It is a 15 minute drive to Anschutz Campus and 25 minutes to Denver Health and our continuity clinic. Her home is adjacent to Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge which is an almost 16,000 acre wildlife refuge right outside of the city. Her neighborhood has lots of wide sidewalks for biking/running and green spaces and is walking distance to a community pool.

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