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Fourth Years

Oliver Bawmann, MD - University of Colorado School of Medicine

Oliver Bawmann

About Oliver:
Oliver grew up in Denver, Colorado but left home to attend Santa Clara University where he completed undergrad and also worked as an EMT. He spent a year working in the Bay Area and then returned home to Colorado for medical school. At CU he was involved with the student government, serving as a Class President his first three years, and Medical Student Council President his fourth year. He is passionate about advocacy and worked with the student run free clinic, and the CUSOM LEADS track to bolster these skills. He also pursued his passion for supporting fellow medical students while researching the connection between gratitude and medical student burnout. He is still undecided about his future career plans but is leaning toward fellowship training. He is passionate about med ed, mentorship, and teaching and hopes to work in an academic setting.

Outside of the hospital:
Oliver loves playing pretty much any sport (especially basketball!), bouldering, cooking, reading and spending time with friends. His favorite spots in Colorado are a basketball court with friends or hosting people at his home and cooking together.

Why University of Colorado Med-Peds?
“As a medical student here at CU, I was blown away by the caliber of the Med-Peds residents and faculty here at Colorado. They were among the best teachers I encountered in the hospital, and immense kindness and competence seemed to be ubiquitous in everyone I met. It’s what inspired me toward med-peds. I hit the interview trail looking to find a program with very strong categorical programs, and a med-peds culture whose pillars were compassion, excellence, and care for one-another. Ultimately it turned out Colorado was the perfect place to provide all of these things in an exceptional program! I am so happy to be here for residency!”

Contact me for:
The perspective of someone who is from Denver originally. Advice from someone who loved everything and is still interested in several different fields

Erika Becerra-Ashby, MD - University of Illinois College of Medicine - Peoria

Erika Becerra-AshbyAbout Erika:
Erika was born and raised in the small town of Arcola, Illinois. She graduated from Michigan State University and went on to work in several jobs within the healthcare field. It was her time in case management where she discovered her passion for addressing health disparities. This drove her to pursue a career in medicine. She returned to Illinois to attend medical school at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. She would love to work as an adult congenital cardiologist doing outreach to small rural communities in the US and globally with some public health sprinkled in, looking at disparities in care for underserved communities and ways to improve access and care outcomes.  

Outside of the hospital: 
Erika enjoys running with her husband, hiking, reading, trying new recipes/restaurants, camping, salsa dancing, and binging a great series. Some of her favorite spots include Wash Park in Denver and the beautiful drive to Aspen. If she could go anywhere in the world right now it would be Japan. The song that best describes her work ethic is “Don’t Stop Believing”. 

Why University of Colorado Med-Peds?
“The program’s strong emphasis on caring for underserved populations and integrating that goal within its educational curriculum was a big draw for me. The strong categorical programs and diversity of training sites made me feel that I could be ready for practice in any setting. Additionally, I knew I would be supported throughout my residency after seeing the kindness and collaboration residents and leadership showed during my interview. It also didn’t hurt that my husband is from Denver and was definitely selling the mountains and year round sunshine. What’s not to like!”

Contact me for: 
Wanting to go into congenital cards, moving from out of state, general questions about Denver

Sutton Higgins, MD - Perelman School of Medicine at the Univ. of Pennsylvania

Sutton HigginsAbout Sutton:
Sutton grew up in Wayzata, Minnesota. She attended Dartmouth College for undergrad. After college, she spent a year living in Wyoming, and ultimately returned to the east coast for medical school at the University of Pennsylvania. During medical school, she worked at Covenant House Philadelphia, a crisis center and homeless shelter for adolescents, and conducted research with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on intergenerational health and teen pregnancy. Sutton is interested in adolescent medicine and primary care. She plans to be involved in advocacy/health services research work long-term in either a rural setting (like IHS) or an academic medical center.

Outside of the hospital: 
Outside of the hospital, you can find Sutton hiking, biking or skiing in the mountains, or at home attempting to befriend her roommate’s cat! Some of her favorite spots include Crested Butte and Steamboat Springs. If she could go anywhere in the world right now, it would be Nepal! (A trip planned for the end of her 4th year of med school but cancelled; yet, still on her to-do list in the future!) 

 Why University of Colorado Med-Peds?
“I was drawn to Colorado for its strong primary care training, commitment to caring for underserved populations, and emphasis on individualized mentorship. On my interview day, I was especially struck by residents’ and program leadership’s commitment to introspection and improvement, in both the residency curriculum and the care provided to patients. The compassion is evident within the program - for one another and for patients - and strong sense of community sealed the deal for me (and proximity to the mountains certainly didn’t hurt!).”

Contact me for: 
Moving from the east coast, wanting to go into general things (primary care, hospitalist, etc), being single in residency, interest in advocacy/social justice in medicine

Maggie Kuusinen, MD - University of Colorado School of Medicine

Maggie KuusinenAbout Maggie:
Maggie was raised in Ski Town USA--Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Maggie is a FOREVER BUFF--she went to CU Boulder for undergrad, CU SOM and was lucky enough to stay for residency. Before starting medical school, she worked at the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and is really passionate about urban underserved care. Her research is in improving transitions of care in adolescents and young adults aging out of the foster care system.

Outside of the Hospital:
On her days off you can find Maggie skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and river rafting! She loves to travel and has lived abroad in both Slovakia and Tanzania. When she isn't playing outside, she enjoys knitting, sewing, painting, and reading.

Why the University of Colorado Med-Peds?
“I have always been passionate about working with urban underserved populations and wanted ample opportunity to serve medically and socially complex patients. The Denver Health system is a fantastic safety net hospital and it was a huge draw that our continuity clinic is in one of their many FQHC's. It was also important for me to find a residency with a welcoming culture, supportive community, and focus on wellness. I love that at Colorado we are seen as people first and residents second. Finally, it's ColoRADo! It is hard to pass up all the adventure that living in a city at the foot of the Rocky Mountains has to offer!” 

Contact me for: 
Questions about living in Colorado, knitting advise, interest in transitions of care or urban underserved care

Third Years

Kathryn Hawrot, MD - Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Kathryn HawrotAbout Kathryn:
Kathryn grew up in Rhode Island and attended Brown University for undergraduate. She worked as an AmeriCorps VISTA at a clinic serving uninsured and undocumented folks in Rhode Island and then moved to San Francisco and worked in the health tech industry before attending the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. While at Penn, Kathryn helped lead the Homeless Health Initiative, which was a program to provider primary and urgent care to families living in emergency housing. She was also involved in global health research in Botswana. Kathryn is interested in providing care to historically under-served young adults, and she is currently interested in primary care, addiction medicine, and infectious diseases. She hopes to be involved in public health work and promote health equity throughout her career.

Outside of the Hospital:
You can find Kathryn tending to her beloved plants, trying to figure out baking at altitude, hosting friends for pizza nights, hiking and canoeing with her partner and dog, enjoying a funky sour beer, and doing yoga.

Why CU Med-Peds?
"It was important for me to find a program where I felt I could become a strong Med-Peds provider while also being part of a warm and supportive training environment. I was impressed by the unified appreciation of and dedication to health equity, social justice, and care of the underserved within the CU family. I valued the diversity and strength of training opportunities in rotating at a community hospital, VA, academic hospital, and children's hospital. As someone interested in primary care, it was important to me to have a dedicated Med-Peds clinic which was also a FQHC. The strong sense of being part of a Med-Peds family and clear co-resident love made me feel that this would be a place where I could become a strong physician while also creating community."

Contact me for:
Moving from the East Coast, having a partner not in healthcare, gardening, wellness in medicine, primary care, social justice/underserved medicine.

Ian Lawrence, MD - University of Colorado School of Medicine

Ian LawrenceAbout Ian: 
Ian grew up all over the country, but considers Iowa City, Iowa home. He attended the University of Iowa for undergrad and the University of Colorado for medical school.  After undergrad, he taught high school physics and chemistry in Richmond, California through the Teach for America program. He also worked in immunology research at the University of Chicago before moving to Denver. During medical school he was involved in educational outreach to area schools and in global health, spending two months working in Bolivia. He is interested in hospitalist or critical care work in a setting that allows for involvement in global health and medical education. 

Why Colorado Med-Peds: 
"I was fortunate to spend two months of clinical rotations during medical school at the Pena clinic working with Med-Peds residents and attendings. I was tremendously impressed by the kind, brilliant, and supportive people involved in the program who were committed to their patients and community. That, combined with strong categorical programs, a diverse array of training hospitals, and Colorado’s outdoors made staying at CU an easy choice." 

Outside of the hospital: 
Ian enjoys getting outside and running, hiking, camping, skiing, fly fishing, and playing basketball. He also enjoys binge watching TV, reading, and cooking. 

Contact me for: 
General questions about Denver, questions about moving from the Midwest, interest in global health, medical education, and/or hospitalist/fellowship support in the program.

Samuel "Gus" Ruchman, MD - Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Gus RuchmanAbout Gus: 
Gus grew up in Connecticut and attended Harvard for undergrad and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City for his MD. Prior to matriculating in medical school he worked in the Office of the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Health in Agenda 2030 and for Malaria on global health governance. During medical school he helped lead the Mount Sinai Human Rights Program and co-founded its tele-mental health network to expand access to forensic evaluations for asylum seekers in detention facilities and remote geographies. He also conducted research with AMPATH in Kenya on community-centered models of prevention and care for cardiovascular disease. Gus has diverse interests in clinical and public health, including high-acuity care, care for medically complex children and adults, infectious disease, immigrant health, and global health delivery systems. 

Outside of the Hospital: 
Gus loves spending time with his incredible partner, Sarah Rose. Together they hike and camp, cook and bake food from around the world, and read Calvin and Hobbes. Gus also enjoys listening to, singing, and composing classical music and having friends over for a big pot of mac ‘n’ cheese. 

Why University of Colorado Med-Peds? 
"Even via Zoom, I could tell that the University of Colorado Med-Peds program is filled with residents and faculty who are passionate advocates and thoughtful physicians uniting clinical and population health. I was confident that I would get excellent training in both categorical programs and have a clinic to call a true home in caring for an underserved population. I was excited about the local and global opportunities in public health and was eager to join the family of innovators emerging from the Med-Peds program." 

Contact me for: 
Moving from the East Coast, global and public health, medical human rights, culinary adventures 

Jonathan Taylor-Fishwick, MD - Eastern Virginia Medical School

About Jon:Jon Taylor-Fishwick
Jon grew up in Virginia, attending undergraduate at the University of Virginia and medical school at Eastern Virginia Medical School. In the summer between undergrad and medical school, he spent time in Guatemala helping build an EMR and improving his Spanish. This experience lit a passion in Jon for global health and underserved communities, which he carried into medical school. There, he established a pediatric free clinic for Latinx patients and a Medicaid enrollment program to help free-clinic patients enroll in Virginia’s recently expanded Medicaid. Jon is excited to explore the range of opportunities Colorado Med-Peds has to offer on his way to becoming a cardiologist. He's also looking forward to expanding on his interests in global health, underserved care, and health advocacy while at Colorado!

Outside of the hospital:
When not in the hospital, you can find Jon outside exploring the many parks, bike paths, or hiking trails Colorado has to offer with his partner, Mary Elizabeth, and their dog, Honey Bee. He's also an avid soccer fan and enjoys watching and playing soccer (even as an unfortunate England fan) as well as re-acclimating to running at 5000+ ft after so many years running at sea level!

Why CU Med-Peds?
"Colorado first came on my radar as a program where any opportunity seemed possible. As someone with lots of interests, but who wasn’t yet ready to commit to a specific path, the strong categorical programs, a variety of great training sites, and an abundance of resources to pursue any extracurricular made Colorado feel like the place where I could shape my future career however I wanted to. The strong leadership support and focus on advocacy and underserved populations only sealed the deal from me. However, above all of the opportunities, the family feel and abundance of support, both inside and outside of medicine, that I’ve constantly felt since joining this program continue to reinforce how fortunate I am to join this family!"

Contact me for:
Moving to a state you've never visited before, outdoor activities in Colorado, relocating with a partner not in medicine, pursuing fellowship.

Second Years

Troy Kincaid, MD - University of Colorado School of Medicine

KincaidAbout Troy:
Troy grew up in Lindenhurst, Illinois, a small suburb (pretty far) outside Chicago. He attended Washington University in St. Louis for undergrad where he majored in Chemistry and Spanish – perhaps foreshadowing his Med-Peds training! He played football and volunteered as an EMT there as well, and he left the Midwest for milder winters and attended the University of Colorado for medical school. Here, he sought opportunities to engage with passion and to collaborate with generous people. His most proud work was organizing an effort with several student leaders to assess cultural humility during the School of Medicine’s interview day with the aim of cultivating the school’s diversity and inclusivity. While he is uncertain about the setting in which he hopes to practice, he aspires toward teaching and working in an underserved area.

Outside of the Hospital:
Troy loves playing team sports – especially basketball, pickleball, and volleyball (despite not making the sixth-grade team!). He has also attempted baking, hiking, coffee-shopping, and reading – most with sixth-grade-volleyball levels of success. Most important to him is spending time with family and friends doing what they love.

Why CU Med-Peds?
"The inspiring, humble, and fun people that drew me to Med-Peds are the same reason why I hoped to stay at the University of Colorado. The synergy between the program’s social and educational missions epitomizes what I sought in residency. It is not lost on me how lucky I was to begin my medical training here! The approach to teaching and quality of life is incomparable."

Contact me for:
The ice cream scene in Denver, interest in medical education research or teaching, the social mission of being at a place like CU or Denver Health, or just what med-peds even means! 

Helen Queenan, MD - Howard University College of Medicine 

QueenanAbout Helen:
Helen was born in Easton, Maryland where she lived until she moved with her mother to Wellesley, Massachusetts. She attended Smith College for undergrad, and took a few years off after college to explore interests in public health research and complete her post-baccalaureate at Brandeis University. She attended Howard University College of Medicine for medical school in Washington, D.C. Helen has a commitment to working with resource limited communities, and as the Co-Vice President of Community Service she organized and participated in a variety of community service projects which included a mobile health clinic fair, Back to School Drive for elementary schools, and a clothing drive for patients in the Emergency Department. After residency, Helen is interested in pursuing a health equity fellowship and ultimately practicing primary care at an FQHC.

Outside of the Hospital:
Helen is most likely enjoying a kickboxing/boxing class, or trying out a new restaurant around town especially a breakfast restaurant with real Vermont Maple Syrup. One of her favorite breakfast restaurants is Snooze! Other activities include watching new Netflix series, dancing, and hanging out friends and family..

Why CU Med-Peds?
"I found the program to be very supportive and committed to the success of the med-peds residents. The residents are truly a cohesive unit, and care about each other. I was interested in training at a program with strong categorical Internal Medicine and Pediatric programs, and that afforded opportunities to work at diverse training facilities. I was excited to work with underserved populations at a truly unique continuity clinic. These opportunities were possible while also experiencing the outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer. Of course, I can’t forget the fact that there are 300 days of sunshine!"

Contact me for:
Moving from the east coast, new restaurants, kickboxing/boxing classes, interest in health equity research. 

Elizabeth Stein, MD - University of Washington School of Medicine 

SteinAbout Elizabeth:
Elizabeth completed her undergraduate studies at Brown University in Public Policy and French Studies where she became passionate about the intersection of health and policy, and simultaneously became grounded in the humanities. She subsequently worked at Seattle Children’s and Children’s National in clinical research, studying the longitudinal impacts of trauma, refugee health, and rheumatic fever in low-resource settings respectively. As a medical student at University of Washington School of Medicine, she became passionate about reimagining medical education to be more humane, reflective, and competency-based. She helped design an anti-racism curriculum which was disseminated nationally and internationally, facilitated reflection sessions on professional identity formation in the Internal Medicine clerkship, and served on the Program Evaluation and Assessment Committee. She plans to combine her interests in health equity and humanities through a career in adolescent/young adult oncology.

Outside of the Hospital:
you can find me trail running in the foothills, at a bakery, reading fiction, at an art gallery, or in a pool (or better yet, open water) swimming. 

Why CU Med-Peds?
"The University of Colorado Med-Peds program stood out amongst programs around the country as a place that best aligned with my values where I could thrive as a person and a physician. Taken together, the collaborative academic medical ecosystem engendered by the Anschutz Medical Campus, two exceptional categorical training programs across internal medicine and pediatrics, human-centered ethos around patients and trainees alike, emphasis on finding balance in/outside of medicine, robust primary care training in an FQHC clinic, and genuine commitment to justice and health equity made this program my top choice. Most importantly, I thought I would be happy training in Colorado surrounded by supportive peers and leadership alike with the ability to recharge outside. In this environment, I could maximize my growth, and therefore be best equipped to care for patients, advocate on their behalf, and lead transformational change in medicine."

Contact me for:
Dual applying, applying to med-peds from a medical school without a med-peds program, research, medical humanities, trail running.

Joaquin Alfonso Villaruz, MD - University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

VillaruzAbout Joaquin:
Joaquin was born in Manila, Philippines before immigrating to the U.S. at age six and ultimately ending up in Kenosha, WI. A Badger through-and-through, he completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison then attended the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. Prior to medical school, he served as a behavioral therapist for children with autism and acted as a research specialist for an autism imaging-genetics study. During medical school, Joaquin became a class co-president and dedicated his tenure to advocating for a more inclusive, anti-racist learning environment and securing opportunities to support student wellness. He was also invited to join the TRIUMPH program, an urban medicine and public health track that allowed him to complete his clinical rotations in Milwaukee while conducting a public health project with a local community partner. Through this work, he explored how cultural/societal stigmas may act as barriers to early diagnosis and intervention of autism in Milwaukee’s communities of color. Inspired by his younger brother, Joaquin pursued Med-Peds to become a provider for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities across the lifespan. He has special interests in pediatric complex care and transitional-age care for affected patients within underserved communities.

Outside of the Hospital:
Joaquin is a hip-hop dancer, amateur baker, and “plant dad” who loves exploring new restaurants/bars with friends and hanging out in local coffee shops while listening to his favorite R&B or 80’s tracks. He is constantly looking for some friends to join a volleyball or bowling league!

Why CU Med-Peds?
"CU was on my radar since before medical school when I learned from fellow therapists that the state avidly supports autism efforts and has a plethora of child development resources. When I researched CU Med-Peds further, it became strikingly apparent that both categorical programs offered equally exceptional training, a rarity that I highly valued as an aspiring transitional care provider. On top of its academic rigor, the Med-Peds family’s dedication to community-centered care and serving underserved populations through a lens of cultural humility was incredibly palpable. After meeting the humanistic and outstanding program leadership, I knew that CU was a place that deeply cared for its residents, provided ample opportunities to pursue any dream, and had a solid foundation for DEI initiatives. I knew they would value what I had to offer and eagerly accept me for who I am."

Contact me for:
Interest in community-asset-based and equity-focused care; Working with developmental populations; Becoming a first-generation physician; Residency as an underrepresented minority; Music and Asian restaurant recommendations.

First Years

Theresa Asuquo, MD, MPH - University of California San Diego School of Medicine 

Theresa Asuquo, MDAbout Theresa:
Theresa was born and raised in Southern California and did her undergraduate studies at Stanford University where she studied Human Biology and African and African American Studies. After working for a mobile anesthesiologist in the Bay Area for two years and completing a post-baccalaureate program at University of California, San Diego, she attended medical school at the University of California, San Diego. During medical school, she was active with Student Council, Student National Medical Association, LGBTQ-Pharmacy and Medicine Student Group, Diversity Coalition/Anti-Racism Coalition, and the school’s student run free clinic. Additionally, she completed a Master’s in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University focused on advocacy, policy and health equity. After residency, she is hoping to practice primary care within disadvantaged communities, alongside some work in public health and policy, particularly around social and structural determinants of health. 

Outside of the Hospital:
When not in the hospital, Theresa can be found hanging out with her partner, Lily, and/or friends at a brewery, restaurant, park, or on a hike. She also loves playing both indoor and outdoor volleyball and is excited to try new sports too like kickball and pickleball. Additionally, she enjoys travelling and looks forward to making some international trips during vacations. Lastly, she’s hoping to keep her extensive plant collection alive, especially on her inpatient rotations.  

Why University of Colorado Med-Peds: 
“During my interview, I just fell in love with the program and knew it was the right program for me. I could tell the program was extremely supportive of each other and felt like a family. As a Black woman in medicine, I wanted a program where I felt safe and supported and CU Med-Peds really demonstrated a commitment to advocacy, diversity, equity and inclusion. Additionally, as someone interested in primary care in underserved settings, the program offers incredible opportunities and training, including a dedicated Med-Peds clinic being at an FQHC, which is a setting I would love to work within in the future. I was also excited about the opportunities around advocacy, policy and public health, given Denver is the capital of Colorado and Denver Health has the Public Health Institute embedded within its health system. Overall, I am so grateful to be training in this program, given the various training opportunities and settings, dedication to health equity and social justice, and outstanding peers and program leadership.”  

Contact me for: 
Residency as an URiM, interest in health equity and public health policy, having/relocating a partner not in medicine, LGBTQ+ in medicine

Jordan Cisneros, MD - Rush Medical College of Rush University

Jordan Cisneros, MDAbout Jordan:
Jordan Cisneros was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He is proud of his Mexican roots and is the first member of his family to go to college. Jordan attended the University of California Los Angeles where he majored in physiological science. Shortly after graduating, Jordan went on to attend the UC Davis School of Medicine Postbaccalaureate program where he gained a community of like-minded individuals who were the first in their family to pursue a career in medicine. Upon completion of the postbaccalaureate program, Jordan did clinical research at the University of California San Francisco and Stanford University. Jordan then pursued his medical degree at Rush Medical College in Chicago, IL. During his second year of medical school, he lost one of the most important people in his life to Covid-19. Since the death of his father, Jordan often recalls the motto his father instilled in him as a child, “there is no quit or victim in me.” And with that motto in mind, he thrived as both a scholar and advocate during his time at Rush. He was inducted into the Alpha Omega Honors Society and was selected by faculty and peers to serve as the student commencement speaker at his medical school’s graduation. When all is said and done, Jordan wants to be remembered as an advocate who took a stand for what he believes in and as someone who uses his to instill in others the belief that anything is possible!

Outside of the Hospital:
Outside of the Hospital Jordan loves to get physical in any capacity. He loves cycling, lifting weights, playing golf, and hiking. Jordan has extended this mentality into his family time as he often spends time-off with his wife and son kayaking and hiking the Colorado mountains. 

Why University of Colorado Med-Peds?
"I had the opportunity to do an acting internship during my fourth year of medical school at Colorado Children’s Hospital. The experience was unlike any other I have had in medicine. There is a sense of community and belonging that this program offers to all of its members. Most importantly there is a commitment towards creating a more diverse workforce that recognizes we all offer a unique perspective to this field. I choose this program because the support is real, the people are real, and their commitment to serving ALL communities is real."

Contact me for:
Discussing the following: being a first-generation doctor, NBA talk (Lakers all day), why I choose this med-peds program over others, how to convince your wife that three hours of golf on the weekend is good for overall wellness lol.

Alexandra Gillotte, MD - University of Cincinnati College of Medicine 

Alexandra Gillotte, MDAbout Alex:
Alex grew up both in Lebanon, OH and Wellington, FL. She attended Florida State University for her undergraduate studies. While at Florida State she worked on the campus’s Medical Response Unit and at a local hospital as an EMT, which is where her love for medicine flourished. After a gap year, she attended medical school at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. During her time there she was heavily active in medical education as a curriculum representative and a clinical skills teacher, advocacy work through the Student Wellness Committee and as a ODEI student representative, mentorship through her role at Chasing Medicine and conducted CQI research looking at Social Determinants of Health.  Alex’s current interests involve Adolescent Medicine, Medical Education and working with underserved populations both in a clinic and hospital setting. 

Outside of the Hospital:
Out of the hospital Alex enjoys spending time with family and friends. She also loves trying out new cooking recipes, going on a hike or bike ride and watching anime/ playing her Switch.

Why University of Colorado Med-Peds?
“After the resident meet and great it was clear to me that this program truly cared about the wellbeing of their residents and the importance of work-life balance. There also was a strong emphasis on the growth mindset. The program was (and still is) constantly seeking feedback from residents and implementing awesome changes because of it. CU Med-Peds program was a program where I could see myself becoming a strong Med-Peds provider with endless opportunities and have the support needed not only to survive residency but thrive!”  

Contact me for:
Moving from the Midwest with a partner who is not in medicine. Navigating residency and medical school as a first-generation physician/ professional in medicine and URM. Social determinants of health, Adolescent Medicine, or Medical Education (3 big passions of mine). Or anything Med-Peds related!  

Brenda La, MD - University of Colorado School of Medicine

Brenda La, MDAbout Brenda:
Brenda grew up in Westminster, Colorado and attended the University of Colorado Boulder for her undergraduate studies where she majored in business & finance. She realized her indisputable passion for medicine midway through college and launched into pre-requisites for medical school in her last few semesters. Prior to medical school, she was a Care Coordinator for the student run free clinic, DAWN Clinic. She then attended the University of Colorado for medical school where she was involved with the student government, serving as Class President for four years. She continued to seek opportunities to serve the underserved communities, where she feels like her purpose in medicine is rooted, in various student-run free clinics and as a member of the urban underserved track. She is passionate about mentorship,  health equity, and community service and hopes to center her med-peds career in being able to serve populations of all ages in these pillars, as she explores all the career paths available to her.

Outside of the Hospital:
Brenda loves spending time outdoors and especially enjoys running, hiking, paddleboarding, pickleball, skiing, and playing with her puppy, Linus! You can also find her at game night, trivia night (trivia knowledge not guaranteed), or watching any season of Survivor. She is learning how to swim in hopes of one day surviving her first sprint triathlon.

Why University of Colorado Med-Peds?
"The residents, faculty, and leadership of the CU Med-Peds family are my first (and continual) source of inspiration for pursuing med-peds and are the same reasons why I hoped to train here. I had the incredible fortune of working with these individuals as a medical student. Their kindness, thoughtfulness, intellectual curiosity, and generosity are qualities I wish to work alongside and cultivate in myself. It was clear to me that they sincerely care for each other and their community like no other and purposefully dedicate energy in personal and communal growth, advocacy, and leadership. Ultimately, CU Med-Peds was the gold standard for me, and I feel so grateful to be part of this family.”

Contact me for:
Anything Colorado (including our 4 seasons!), getting a puppy during residency, navigating life and education as a first-generation student, wellness in medicine

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