Our Residents


Fourth Years

Bilaal Ahmed

Pennsylvania State College of Medicine

Bilaal Ahmed 150

About Bilaal: 
Bilaal grew up in the Bay Area of Northern California. He attended UC Berkeley for undergrad where he majored in public health with a concentration in infectious diseases.  He continued pursuing his public health education earning an MPH in Epidemiology and International Health from Boston University after which he worked on international HIV/AIDS programs based out of Washington, DC.  After a couple years in DC and a good amount of international work travel he wanted to do more hands-on clinical work and decided it was time to go to medical school.  
Why the University of Colorado School of Medicine? 
Bilaal loves Med-Peds because it creates a large skillset allowing physicians to treat people of all ages with complex medical issues which will be invaluable for his international health ambitions. He’s also loved the Med-Peds faculty and residents wherever he’s been and hopes their knowledge rubs off on him. He looks forward to providing primary care to underserved populations in the US as part of the National Health Service Corps. In the long-term, he hopes to do international global health advocacy based on public health research, while continuing to provide clinical care.   
He enjoys traveling, reading, playing most sports, snowboarding, and adding more countries to the list of places he’s been.

Amy Beeson

University of Colorado School of Medicine  

Amy Beeson150

About Amy:
Amy claims the southwest (western Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico) as home. As an undergraduate at Harvard College, she sang in choir, majored in Social Studies, and wrote a thesis about Peruvian political parties. She then moved to Lima, where she worked for Partners in Health before returning home to Colorado for medical school. During medical school, she spent a year as a Doris Duke International Clinical Research Fellow in rural Tugela Ferry, South Africa. 
When not in the hospital, Amy can be found in Rocky Mountain National Park, roasting local vegetables with her awesome housemates, or reading novels about faraway places. 

After residency, Amy hopes to work to improve patient-centered healthcare delivery for communities affected by HIV and tuberculosis.

Jessica Koontz

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine 

​Jessica Koontz 150

About Jessica:
Jessica grew up in a small town in northwest NC before fulfilling her dream of becoming a Tarheel and completing undergrad and medical school at UNC-Chapel Hill. Because of her rural background, she has a specific interest in under-served populations and spent time in medical school working at a mobile clinic in a refugee community. In addition to learning medicine and cheering on the Heels in Chapel Hill, she worked in an immunology lab and spent many weekends in the NC mountains. After finally experiencing a national championship on Franklin Street, it was time to experience something new so she moved to the land of rockier mountains with her husband, Joe. In her free time, you can find her running through a local park, hiking or climbing with her husband, or enjoying one of the many awesome restaurants in Denver. Hopefully soon you will find her doing all three with a new pup!  

Why the University of Colorado School of Medicine?
This place has it all - strong categorical programs, excellent leadership, awesome residents, outstanding continuity clinic, and unbeatable location. The diversity of training sites, including a county hospital system, the VA, and tertiary care centers, allows for the depth and breadth of training I desire. Given my relatively undecided career interests, I was confident that I could experience all aspects of medicine and pediatrics here and mold my career under mentors in pretty much any field imaginable.

Jennifer Le

University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine 
Jennifer Le 150About Jennifer: 
Jennifer was born in Montreal, Canada, but moved to Tampa, Florida at the age of 6. After high school, she decided to stay in Tampa, where she completed the seven year accelerated BS/MD program at the University of South Florida (Go Bulls!). During that time, she did research in organic chemistry and developed an interest in medical education. She would like to be an academic combined medicine-pediatric hospitalist. Jennifer is a self-described nerd who loves Harry Potter and comic books. She enjoys boardgames, movies, and reading fiction. 

Why the University of Colorado School of Medicine?
I feel really lucky to have been matched a residency program that not only has nurturing and brilliant faculty members but also co-residents who genuinely care about each other and motivate me to be a better physician/human being everyday. 

In addition, the Southwest Med-Peds clinic was one of the most well-designed clinics that I visited on the interview trail, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with such a diverse population, ranging from veterans to refugees. After living most of my life in Florida, I knew I was ready for something new, and I loved the vibe that I got when I visited Denver. The city was big enough without being overwhelming, multicultural without losing its unique identity, and forward-thinking without forgetting the value of nature, not to mention simply downright friendly. It had all the perks of Florida sunshine without the humidity or the summer downpours! 

I am looking forward to experiencing four seasons and exploring the mountains... and the good restaurants!

Third Years

Rob Broadhurst

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine

Rob Broadhurst 150

About Rob: 
Rob grew up in Nashville, TN before moving to Chapel Hill, NC to attend both college and medical school at UNC. Prior to medical school, he spent a year working with maternal and child health programs in Haiti. During medical school, he spent time doing HIV research in Malawi, visiting homes of frequently hospitalized patients in Chapel Hill, and took extra time to get a MPH at UNC (and see another Tarheel National Championship). He is interested in practicing medicine, pediatrics, and public health in low resource settings both domestically and internationally. Outside of work, he loves fly fishing, trail running, biking, and playing just about any sport.  
Why the University of Colorado School of Medicine?

I was looking for a program with diversity in training opportunities, focus on caring for the underserved, and opportunity to work with both local and global public health programs; UC absolutely fits that mold. Being relatively undecided in terms of career interest, the ability to work in a county hospital, university hospital, VA, phenomenal children’s hospital, and outpatient clinic with a large underserved population seemed just about perfect. I loved the residents I met when I came to interview and immediately felt like these could be my people. It certainly didn’t hurt that Denver is so close some of the best rivers and trails in the country! I couldn’t be more excited to live and train in such a vibrant place.

Andrew Freddo

University of Michigan Medical School

Andrew Freddo 150

About Andrew: 
Andrew was born in New York City, but moved at a young age to the Garden State and continues to consider himself a proud New Jerseyan! He then brought his East Coast upbringing to the West Coast, attending the California Institute of Technology, majoring in Biology and Chemistry. After graduating, he decided to return to the Eastern Time Zone, and wintertime, for the MD/PhD program at the University of Michigan. He completed his PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology studying the development of the small intestine. He’s excited to be in Colorado, where he can have both gorgeous weather and snow! He fell in love with Med Peds because of the ability to incorporate two fields in a unique and special way to help improve the lives and health of his patients, and is looking forward to a career combining both research and patient care, possibly in Adult Congenital Cardiology. When not in the hospital, Andrew most likely will be making some home-cooked Italian food or trying out a new restaurant around town with his partner, Jose.
Why the University of Colorado School of Medicine?
The University of Colorado was always somewhere that my mentors at Michigan mentioned as having strong categorical medicine and pediatrics programs, along with an amazing faculty in the field of Adult Congenital Cardiology! When I visited for my interview, I was struck by the kindness and openness of the community here. There is amazing collaboration and collegiality pervasive throughout the campus, and I am amazed by the strong emphasis on individualized mentorship. Additionally, coming from a combined program for med school, I found it was important to have a well-integrated Med Peds administration to navigate the unique challenges that there are in bridging two worlds. Even though the program is “young”, there is absolutely amazing buy-in from both categorical programs, and the resident support network is amazing.


Sarah Reingold

Emory University School of Medicine

Sarah Reingold 150About Sarah:
Sarah grew up in Oakland, California and went to Bates College, a small liberal arts college in Maine, where she quickly learned that she brought too many pairs of sandals. After four long Maine winters and many mornings walking back from swim practice with frozen hair, she decided she could handle two years in Minnesota working for the CDC as a Public Health Associate. Working in the school-based clinics of Minneapolis helped her realize that she wanted to pursue a career where she could provide comprehensive care to people at the individual and community level. In order to complete her pre-medical courses, she headed back east to attend a Post Baccalaureate program at University of Virginia, where she performed HIV testing at UVA’s Infectious Disease Clinic and Emergency Department. Medical school took her further south to Emory University, where she worked with HIV positive adolescents transitioning from pediatric to adult healthcare. Sarah has a variety of interests including adolescent medicine, transitional care, infectious diseases and public health, but hopes to find a career where she can work with underserved populations to reduce health disparities domestically and globally. Sarah loves running and hiking with her boyfriend, Erik, as well as fueling their activities with homemade baked goods and by visiting local breweries.

Why the University of Colorado School of Medicine:
I knew immediately after my visit that CU was the perfect place for me, both inside and outside of the hospital. While I was initially interested in CU because of the opportunity to train in a variety of healthcare systems with two incredibly strong categorical programs, it honestly came down to the people. I felt that everyone I met was passionate about caring for vulnerable patient populations while working in a collaborative environment. Being able to explore the mountains, trails and rivers was icing on the cake!

Mi Tran

University of Colorado School of Medicine​ 

Mi Tran 150About Mi: 
Mi was born and raised in the beautiful state of Colorado and attended college at the University of Colorado at Boulder where she earned a BA in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology.  Unable to part with picturesque mountains and 300 days of sunshine, she stayed at the University of Colorado to complete medical school and to earn a Master’s in Public Health in Epidemiology and Health Equity at the Colorado School of Public Health. During her free time, you can find her exploring new mountains, rock climbing, mountain biking (poorly), and stealing puppy cuddles from her dog, Oliver. 
Why the University of Colorado School of Medicine?

The people! The faculty and residents at the University of Colorado are not only great teachers and mentors but are also incredibly kind, compassionate, and inspiring people.  In conjunction with strong categorical programs on each side, exposure to a variety of clinical sites, and an awesome continuity clinic, I knew I would be well supported in pursuing whatever career I decide upon after residency (all while having the opportunity to bike/camp/ski on my days off!).

Second Years

Samantha Robin

University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Samantha Robin

About Sam:
Sam was raised in the small town of Sparta, NJ and moved to North Carolina in 2010 to study neuroscience and music at Duke University and then attended medical school at the University of North Carolina. She absolutely loved her time as a Tar Heel, but has remained a loyal Duke basketball fan. Throughout college and medical school, she has maintained a passion for music - she sings, plays the saxophone and piano, music-directed several musical theater productions in college, and taught music in China. In medical school, she discovered her passions for medical education through curricular development roles as well as her interest in quality improvement and systems-level work within healthcare. She would like to work in an academic setting and her interests include pediatric and adult critical care, infectious disease, and primary care.  During residency, she is also looking forward to soaking up the Colorado sunshine while on runs and mountain adventures with her husband, Stephen.

Why the University of Colorado School of Medicine:​
As a newer Med-Peds program, I felt like the Colorado Med-Peds program and its leadership were brimming with excitement about new program initiatives and resident projects. The program had clearly been shaped with lots of resident input, and the program leadership showed incredible resident support both for resident wellness as well as mentorship to help residents develop and pursue their own unique interests. The residents I met were kind, smart, and engaging and demonstrated passion both for their work in medicine and their interests outside of medicine. I liked that the program provided training opportunities in a variety of academic and community settings and felt like it was truly connected to and served the local population. Moving across the country to the unbeatable, beautiful location of Denver seemed like the perfect adventure. 

Lynne Rosenberg

Weill Cornell Medicine

Lynne RosenbergAbout Lynne:
Lynne was born and raised in Southern California and completed her undergraduate training at UC Berkeley where she majored in Integrative Biology. She spent the following year conducting clinical research at the UCSF Memory and Aging Center before attending medical school at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City. While there, she was involved in a number of research projects at both Weill Cornell and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in the pediatric intensive care units. In addition, she worked extensively with the Weill Cornell Center for Human Rights and Physicians for Human Rights to provide free medical evaluations for asylum seekers. She has a variety of Med-Peds interests, including pediatric oncology and survivorship and critical care. She hopes to continue serving the asylum seeking and refugee populations during her time in Denver. When not in the hospital, you can find Lynne playing spikeball or pickleball in a park, decorating a cake, or solving a crossword with a cup of coffee.

Why the University of Colorado School of Medicine?
After deciding Med-Peds was the career path for her, Lynne was looking for a place with stellar categorical programs, opportunities for medical education, and a supportive family environment. University of Colorado provided all three and then some! She looks forward to working with such warm and passionate colleagues in a city with beautiful outdoors in her backyard.

David Scudder

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

David ScudderAbout David:
David grew up in Nashville and then headed west to California to study biology at Stanford University. He started his career as a high school science teacher. After college, he moved to Johannesburg, South Africa to join the inaugural faculty of the African Leadership Academy. After fours years in Joburg, David and his wife Hannah moved to Denver, Hannah’s hometown, and taught together at the Denver School of Science and Technology. When David decided to pursue medicine, they moved to Nashville where David attended medical school at Vanderbilt. Still a teacher at heart, David is passionate about medical education, and he was drawn to Med-Peds where he can learn and teach it all. He is thrilled to be coming back to Denver to join an amazing Med-Peds program. Outside the hospital, David can be found hiking in the mountains, running with his wife, and throwing impromptu dance parties with his daughter.

Why the University of Colorado School of Medicine?
Colorado impressed me across the board. The people are amazing, and I’m excited to learn from a great community of residents and faculty. The program offers training at a diverse set of hospitals and a stellar clinic experience at Federico F. Peña. I’m also excited to be part of a newer program as it shapes the Med-Peds identity in Denver. We are happy to be back near the mountains, and to raise our daughter around a large extended family. But perhaps most importantly, Denver has Lakeside - the historic amusement park and favorite date night spot, where the antiquity of the roller coasters adds to their thrill!

Helena Villalobos

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Helena VillalobosAbout Helena:
Helena was born in Denver, Colorado and raised in Midland, Texas. She graduated from Stanford University (Go Card!) where she majored in Human Biology with a concentration in Urban Health. In college, she was a photographer for the Stanford Daily and spent time abroad working with the NGO Mothers Unite in Cape Town, South Africa. She attended medical school at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City.  During medical school, she was active in the student-run free clinic, Students for Equal Opportunity in Medicine, the Latino Medical Student Association, and conducted environmental health research as a TL1 Predoctoral Clinical Research scholar.  When not in the hospital she can be found outside spending time with family and friends ! She is thrilled to join the Colorado Med-Peds family!

Why the University of Colorado School of Medicine?
The Med-Peds continuity clinic in Southwest Denver was a huge selling point as I am interested in primary care, working with underserved populations, and caring for medically and socially complex patients.  The strong categorical programs and diversity in training sites were also a given. The community is tight-knit and leadership is incredibly hands-ons and invested in the success and wellness of their residents. Aside from the obvious, it just felt right and the mountains were calling! 

First Years

Oliver Bawmann

University of Colorado School of Medicine

Oliver Bawmann 1-1

About Oliver:
Oliver grew up in Denver, Colorado but left home to attend Santa Clara University where he studied biology and cemented his passion for medicine by working as an EMT. He spent a year working in the Bay Area and then had the fortune to return home to Colorado for medical school. At CU he was involved with the student government, serving as a Class President his first three years, and Medical Student Council President his fourth year. He is passionate about advocacy and worked with the student run free clinic, and the CUSOM LEADS track to bolster these skills. He also pursued his passion for supporting fellow medical students while researching the connection between gratitude and medical student burnout. Outside of the hospital, he loves playing pretty much any sport (especially basketball!), bouldering, cooking, reading and spending time with friends.

Why the University of Colorado School of Medicine:​
As a medical student here at CU, I was blown away by the caliber of the Med-Peds residents and faculty here at Colorado. They were among the best teachers I encountered in the hospital, and immense kindness and competence seemed to be ubiquitous in everyone I met. It’s what inspired me toward med-peds. I hit the interview trail looking to find a program with very strong categorical programs, and a med-peds culture whose pillars were compassion, excellence, and care for one-another. Ultimately it turned out Colorado was the perfect place to provide all of these things in an exceptional program! I am so happy to be here for residency! 

Erika Becerra-Ashby

University of Illinois College of Medicine - Peoria

Erika Becerra-Ashby 1About Erika:
Erika was born and raised in the small town of Arcola, Illinois. She graduated from Michigan State University where she dual majored in Human Biology and Psychology. She went on to work in several jobs within the healthcare field, but it was her time in case management where she discovered her passion for addressing health disparities. This drove her to pursue a career in medicine. She returned to Illinois to attend medical school at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. She is interested in care with underserved communities domestically and globally, public health, cardiology and transitions from pediatric to adult healthcare. Outside of the hospital she likes running with her husband, hiking, reading, trying new recipes/restaurants or binging a great series.

Why the University of Colorado School of Medicine?
The program’s strong emphasis on caring for underserved populations and integrating that goal within its educational curriculum was a big draw for me.  It’s strong categorical programs and diversity of training sites made me feel that I could be ready for practice in any setting. Additionally, I knew I would be supported throughout my residency after seeing the kindness and collaboration residents and leadership showed during my interview. It also didn’t hurt my husband is from Denver and was definitely selling the mountains and year around sunshine. What’s not to like! 

Sutton Higgins

Perelman School of Medicine at the Univ. of Pennsylvania

Sutton Higgins 3-1About Sutton:
Sutton grew up in Wayzata, Minnesota. She attended Dartmouth College where she studied Biomedical Engineering and fell in love with the mountains. After college, she spent a year living in Wyoming, and ultimately returned to the east coast for medical school at the University of Pennsylvania. During medical school, she worked at Covenant House Philadelphia, a crisis center and homeless shelter for adolescents, and conducted research with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on intergenerational health and teen pregnancy. Sutton is interested in adolescent medicine and primary care. While in residency, she hopes to continue to learn how best to meet the health care needs of underserved populations and dismantle racist structures in medicine. Outside of the hospital, you can find her hiking, biking or skiing in the mountains, or at home attempting to befriend her roommate’s cat!

Why the University of Colorado School of Medicine?
I was drawn to Colorado for its strong primary care training, commitment to caring for underserved populations, and emphasis on individualized mentorship. On my interview day, I was especially struck by residents’ and program leadership’s commitment to introspection and improvement, in both the residency curriculum and the care provided to patients. The compassion evident within the program - for one another and for patients - and strong sense of community sealed the deal for me (and proximity to the mountains certainly didn’t hurt!).

Maggie Kuusinen

University of Colorado School of Medicine

Maggie Kuusinen 1About Maggie:
Maggie was raised in Ski Town USA--Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Growing up in a small mountain town, she cultivated a love for playing outside. On her days off you can find her skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and river rafting! She loves to travel and has lived abroad in both Slovakia and Tanzania. When she isn't playing outside, she enjoys knitting, sewing, painting, and reading. Some of the best books she has read recently are The Deep, The Nightingale, Dune, Normal People, and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. Maggie is a FOREVER BUFF--she went to CU Boulder for undergrad, CU SOM and was lucky enough to stay for residency. Before starting medical school, she worked at the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and is really passionate about urban underserved care. Her research is in improving transitions of care in adolescents and young adults aging out of the foster care system.

Why the University of Colorado School of Medicine?
I have always been passionate about working with urban underserved populations and wanted ample opportunity to serve medically and socially complex patients. The Denver Health system is a fantastic safety net hospital and it was a huge draw that our continuity clinic is in one of their many FQHC's. It was also important for me to find a residency with a welcoming culture, supportive community, and focus on wellness. I love that at Colorado we are seen as people first and residents second. Finally, it's ColoRADo! It is hard to pass up all the adventure that living in a city at the foot of the Rocky Mountains has to offer!