The CU Med-Peds program emphasizes wellness among residents. In addition to the wellness initiatives that are led by the categorical programs, the Med-Peds residents and faculty created their own wellness committee. Throughout the year the committee organizes different didactics and activities that focus on important topics like burnout, resilience and mental health. They also organize other resident events including happy hours, med-peds annual retreat, game nights, and more. In an effort to make sure each resident feels supported throughout their 4 years of training, we match each 1st and 2nd year resident with a buddy from the senior classes. The program at CU is a tight-knit community and residents and faculty are invested in each other’s well-being and success both within and outside of the residency program. 

In addition to creating programming around wellness, our program recognizes the importance of time off for independently-driven wellness activities. Our program provides time and space for residents to take care of their own health (and enjoy the 300+ days of sunshine)! The Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program leadership works hard to provide residents with flex time during elective rotations and encourages residents to build their schedule according to their personal priorities, allowing residents to have time off when they need it. In addition, interns are scheduled for mental health and PCP appointments and given two dedicated mornings or afternoons off to attend to their own health needs. Attendance at appointments is 100% voluntary, so residents also have the option to opt out and use the time at their discretion.