CU Med-Peds Scholarly Project  CU Med-Peds Scholarly Project


Scholarly Projects

Throughout our training, residents receive support to engage in meaningful scholarship. Residents are encouraged to seek projects that align with their career goals and interests. Each resident will meet with a scholarship coach starting in the intern year. This meeting serves as an opportunity to talk about career plans and finding mentorship. At the University of Colorado we are fortunate to be surrounded by leaders in research, medical education, advocacy, QI, and much more. You will have no problem finding a project or mentor, but you will just need to figure out what and who to pick!

Our program supports our scholarship endeavors in many ways, including funds to attend conferences both locally and nationally. We also have a Med-Peds Scholarship Symposium, where we annually have an opportunity to share our work with colleagues and faculty. Instead of making scholarship, feel like something extra, our program helps us find ways to integrate it into what we love to do and what we want to do with our careers. If you are fellowship bound, you will have plenty of support to make sure you are on track to be a competitive and well-prepared applicant.

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