Statements from Categorical Directors

Rosenberg 150Pediatrics was thrilled to help launch a Med-Peds program in 2014. It was long overdue for our campus. From our standpoint, we need primary care providers in our rural state skilled at providing high value care for both children and adults.
In addition, physicians skilled in the transition from pediatric to adult care are critical to our health care enterprise; both in primary care and subspecialty medicine. We are very excited that some of the first graduates are planning to stay local to do primary care and hospital medicine. The Med-Peds residents have integrated seamlessly into the pediatric program and bring a valuable perspective to patient care.
I personally have worked with many of the residents in the NICU and have been so impressed with their knowledge and commitment to patient care. The expectation for the Med-Peds residents is that they will perform all the tasks carried out by our categorical residents. This expectation has been exceeded.
We anticipate wonderful things as the program matures and I am looking forward to continuing to recruit them as faculty within our program and/or as fellows in any subspecialty of Pediatrics or Medicine.
Adam Rosenberg, MD
Program Director, Pediatrics Residency Training Program
Julia Limes MD
Under the leadership of Dr. Julie Venci, the program in Medicine-Pediatrics at the University of Colorado has risen to become one of the premier medical training programs on campus.  Both the Pediatric Program Director, Dr. Rosenberg, and I could not be more proud to support the efforts of these trainees.
Living half time in the world of adult medicine and half time in pediatrics, a Med-Peds resident at the University of Colorado truly gets the best of both worlds.  From world-class patient care in both the young and the old, to hands-on, in-depth training in medical education, advocacy, research and global health, we are happy to have the residents in Medicine-Pediatrics be a part of our program. 
Working collaboratively and treating patients across the entirety of their lives requires a diverse set of skills and knowledge.  When Med-Peds residents to train alongside our Internal Medicine residents, it increases their depth of knowledge while simultaneously adding to the breadth of what our residents are exposed to – a true win-win.
I am proud to fully support the trainees in Medicine-Pediatrics at the University of Colorado and look forward to many years of collaboration and growth together.
Julia Limes, MD
Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program


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