​Post Graduate Year​2022-2023 Annual Stipends
​2 $66,588.34
​4 $72,457.82
Eligible Residents/Fellows may receive up to $1000 based on achievement of GME Quality and Safety Bonus Program goals.
See GME Resident Stipend for more information​


VacationResidents receive 4 weeks of vacation each academic year. 1 week is permitted to be used as flex time, meaning a resident can use the days throughout the academic year instead of scheduling 7 consecutive days of vacation.
Sick/Wellness LeaveA total of 2 weeks (includes weekend days) are available for the following purposes:
-  Resident or their family member needs to seek diagnosis, care, or treatment for a mental/physical illness, injury, or health condition or to obtain preventive medical care (PCP, OB/Gyne)
-  These days are not counted as vacation day
Wellness Days Wellness half-days are scheduled across the academic year and four-year training.
Intern Year: Opt out PCP Appointment, Opt out Behavioral Health Appointment, Peds Health day, Med-Peds Wellness day
Year 2-4: REACH half days are scheduled during the Med-Peds ambulatory month. These half days can be used for wellness, to complete program related assignments, or to work on scholarship.  
​Holiday time off ​When rotating on pediatrics, Med-Peds residents will have (at least) one five-day break during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years. This is in addition to the 4 weeks of vacation time. When rotating on medicine, residents will have the option to have either the week of Christmas or the week of New Year’s off as one of their vacations. 
​Family Leave ​It is the policy of the University of Colorado School of Medicine Graduate Medical Education Committee to allow leave for maternity, paternity, adoption, illness of a close relative that requires the resident's care, or illness of the resident. Residents may be granted up to 12 calendar weeks of leave during a 12-month ​period for certain family and medical reasons. Leaves are granted by the Program Director. The Program Director will determine how much of the time will need to be made up in order to fulfill the specialty board certification and requirements. The complete leave policy is in the Graduate Medical Education Manual
-   Both the Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Programs have electives (e.g. MKSAP, newborn) that can be used for maternal/paternal family leave.
​Paid Certifications Registration is paid for all R1's to be certified in the (NRP) Neonatal Resuscitation Program and (PALS) Pediatric Advanced Life Support during Orientation Week.
However, ACLS certification must be current and obtained (by you) BEFORE you begin your residency. We suggest you complete ACLS certification in May, the month before residency. Recertifications of the above, will be paid by the program during residency.
Memberships ​American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and the American College of Physicians (ACP) are paid for by the program.​ 
​Meals ​Residents receive pre-paid meals allotments at each hospital to cover cost while on-call or nights. Breakfast and Lunch are provided (at no cost to residents) at daily Morning Report and Noon Conferences between each core programs.​
Other paid benefits

​-  Every year, each residents receive an Educational Funds stipend from our GME office. These annual funds may be used to cover the cost of books, registrations fees, membership costs, conference expenses or other educational materials. 

-  Resident parking fees are paid for at all institutions.
-  Text pagers are provided to all residents at no cost.
-  Program funds are available to support resident registration and travel to conferences

All residents will need to sign a Resident Training Agreement and consent to a background check. For more detailed information regarding residents benefits visit the GME website.


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