Welcome from Our Program Director

Julie Venci
Welcome to the University of Colorado School of Medicine’s Med-Peds residency program! Our residency – started in 2014 – has grown and matured quickly into a world-class training program. We’ve been given the unique opportunity to be intentional about the type of training we offer our residents while under the auspices of two categorical training programs that consistently rank as top in the nation. Our philosophy from the beginning has always been resident-focused. We are constantly searching for new ways to help foster leaders and innovators in clinical care, research, education, and community health. We strongly value a resident’s personal and professional goals and provide individual mentorship and coaching starting intern year. 
In addition to our exceptional inpatient training, one of the distinguishing characteristics of our residency program is the unique ambulatory experience we offer. Our combined Med-Peds clinic, located at a Federally Qualified Health Center in Southwest Denver, is truly the ideal place to learn and practice primary care. We have thoughtfully built in a Med-Peds academic half-day curriculum where we focus on the resident-as-the-teacher. In 2018 we launched Colorado REACH (Race, Equity, and Advocacy in Community Health), a longitudinal curriculum that focuses on caring for vulnerable populations and understanding the social determinants of health. In 2020 we included a Race and Racism in Medicine Curriculum that gives residents and faculty time and space to have important conversations around racism and bias in medicine. We are also committed to getting all of our residents and faculty bias and upstander training. Our program values diversity and inclusion and we are always looking for more effective ways to recruit, retain and support residents and faculty from diverse backgrounds. In addition, we aim to train residents to become global citizens and advocates both at home and abroad. 
Thank you for taking the time to learn about our program. I truly hope that you will have an opportunity to visit us in person or virtually this fall. Please spend some timing checking out our website so you can see first-hand why our program is an ideal place for you to train. 
Julie A. Venci, MD 
P.S. Oh yeah, did I mention the Rocky Mountains?! And good news, you don’t need to ski or hike to enjoy the beauty and sun (300 days!) in Colorado! Come see!