Department of Medicine

Faculty Development Office

The Department of Medicine believes in investing in our faculty. The Faculty Development Office’s mission is to foster ongoing professional development for all levels of faculty in the Department of Medicine.

We are committed to providing services and programs that promote career advancement and success of our faculty in each of the unique dimensions of our mission – education, research, patient care and service.

Key roles of the Faculty Advancement Office:

  • Mentoring: We oversee the DOM Mentoring Program, ensuring a consistent approach and participation across all divisions, and support the Mid-Course Review process for Assistant Professors to help them successfully advance their careers at CU.
  • Leadership Development: We develop and support programs to provide leadership training to Department of Medicine faculty and leaders.
  • Career Development: We assist faculty from New Faculty Orientation through later career stages in exploration of options for career growth and in navigating School of Medicine promotion and tenure processes.
  • Learning and Development Resources: We connect Department of Medicine faculty to professional development and leadership development opportunities within the department, at the School of Medicine, and across CU.

Contact the Faculty Advancement Office: 

Department of Medicine (SOM)

CU Anschutz

Academic Office One

12631 East 17th Avenue


Aurora, CO 80045


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