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The Department of Medicine is a national leader in biomedical research, consistently among the top 25 departments of medicine nationwide in NIH research funding, outpacing the growth of NIH support two-to-one over the past five years.

Department of Medicine faculty are leaders in the scientific community, with a passion for innovation and discovery to improve human health and change the ways in which we deliver care. This passion is translated to research making major contributions to the advancement of biomedical knowledge.

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Goal 1: Enhance and simplify access to research infrastructure and resources.

1a: Partner with other departments and CU Anschutz leadership to catalog and provide streamlined access to campus research resources.

     Metrics of success:
  • Establishment of a research resource orientation program
  • Establishment of a user-friendly web-based navigation system
1b: Overhaul the DOM Research website to provide transparency and one stop information for our research community.

     Metrics of success:
  • Completion of revised DOM research webpage
  • Satisfaction scores and positive comments from user beta testing
  • Number of monthly page views (Google analytics) post-update versus pre-update
1c: Create infrastructure that will provide departmental post-award grant support, which will facilitate more time for pre-award support through division administrators and, if necessary, the Anschutz PreAward Shared Services (PASS).

     Metrics of success:
  • Number of divisions using DOM post-award services
  • Number of awards using DOM post-award services
1d: Advocate for adequate and equitable access to campus wet lab space.

     Metrics of success:
  • Dissemination of new SOM Space Policy rules
  • Active DOM participation and representation on the SOM Space Committee that will make future space decisions.
1e: Develop integrated infrastructure for T2-T3 research (Health Service Research, HSR).

     Metrics of success:
  • Develop a HSR community that supports workshops for sharing ideas, networking, and mentoring
  • Developing an attractive platform to recruit and retain physician scientists in HSR
  • Developing a hub for shared resources to integrate data science
1f: Provide timely and direct access to Health Data Compass (HDC) and Electronic Health Record (HER)-based research. This will be achieved by working within existing campus infrastructure to provide dedicated DOM bioinformaticist support within HDC and promoting access to the emerging CCTSI Pragmatic EHR Embedded Trials (PEET) Research Program.

     Metrics of success:
  • Number of projects using DOM bioinformaticist
  • Number of PEET awards to DOM faculty
1g: Create an efficient, overarching process for clinical sample collection and use department-wide.

     Metrics of success:
  • Develop a DOM system-wide mechanism for streamlining access to leftover samples coupled with deidentified data
  • Create a hub in which existing sharable biorepositories are accessed by investigators (i.e. heart tissue sample collection) 

DOM Research
Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan