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Clinical faculty spend the majority of their time caring for patients at CU Anschutz and our affiliates. Despite their critical role in patient care and the success of the department at large, opportunities to highlight the work they do – or the best among them – remain limited. To meet this need, the Department of Medicine proposes to establish the Clinical Excellence Society (CES) for faculty members who have >50% appointments in Medicine at CU Anschutz or any of our affiliates. The vision of the CES is to recognize, in an ongoing fashion, faculty who are judged by their peers and leaders to exude excellence towards their patients and colleagues.

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The Department of Medicine Clinical Excellence Society Application for Membership


The Department of Medicine (DOM) requests nominations for induction into the inaugural cohort of the CU DOM Clinical Excellence Society (CES). 

Nominations must be put forward by division heads. No more than two (2) nominations will be allowed from each division. Nomination of APP, MD and faculty members from affiliates are encouraged and welcomed. We strongly advise division heads to institute a transparent process for selecting nominees that solicits input from division leaders and faculty across affiliate sites.

Much like election into national societies such as the ASCI or AAP, induction into the CES is an honor and will be extremely competitive. It will not be uncommon for the same individual to be nominated for multiple cycles for induction or to not be selected despite two rounds of nomination. Therefore, candidates should view being nominated as an honor and privilege, in and of itself.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Nominees must be in good standing with the division and the department. Specifically, nominees are expected to be role models without any professionalism or clinical performance concerns. They should have a track record of being a team player and of going above and beyond for patient care or related clinical activities. The ideal candidates are the embodiment of an ideal clinician and faculty member, one whom you would want to care for yourselves or your family members.
  • All members must be recognized as clinically excellent. Such recognition may take the form of acknowledged expertise and testimonials by peers, referring physicians, patients and trainees. Additionally, recognition by national or regional organizations (e.g., Top Docs, Castle Connolly, 5280 physician rankings, national or professional society awards) are welcomed and expected. A portfolio put together by the nominee should speak to this excellence.
  • At the time of nomination, nominees must have at least 25% or more effort devoted to clinical activity. A minimum of seven years of 25% clinical effort or above are required for membership. If the nominee has served in another institution at this level of effort, that time may be counted towards fulfilling the clinical requirement provided that the last five years of such service has been at CU Anschutz or at an affiliate site.
  • Nominees must attest that they plan to remain clinically active, maintaining at least 25% effort for three years following induction into the CES.
  • Nominees must be willing to serve as active members of the Society, including joining the governance team and workgroups focused on key areas.
  • Nominees may not be nominated more than two times.

Materials Required

  • Completed cover page/application for membership
  • Nominee CV
  • Clinical Portfolio:
    The nominee will be required to submit a clinical portfolio that answers questions focused on clinical mission and values; personal and professional priorities; clinical history and professional track record; clinical leadership within and beyond our campus; evidence of commitment to improvement and growth as a clinician; quality improvement/program efforts to improve clinical care delivery or quality of care; notable clinical publications or presentations; clinical awards and honors; evidence of collaboration with researchers and educators; and any other supporting information or documentation.
  • Letter of support from division head that includes:
    • Assurance that the nominee meets or exceeds eligibility criteria for induction as outlined in the RFA.
    • Verification that the candidate is in good standing in the division and department
    • Verification that the nominee participates in division activities, meetings and is perceived as a team player/role model for other members of the division;
    • Documentation with examples of clinical excellence over a sustained period of time:
      • Examples may cover all aspects of patient care such as consultation interactions, inpatient or outpatient experiences, and/or creation of or leadership in key clinical programs.
      • Examples should also document elements of citizenship as manifest by covering clinic for others, opening up additional slots to support patient care, taking on extra shifts to help during challenging staffing times, etc.
      • Examples may also include recognition by patients, trainees, or other faculty in the department, listings such as “top doctors, dean, departmental or division clinical recognition awards, or selflessly gives time to clinical care such as by volunteerism at the Dawn Clinic, homeless shelters, etc.
  • Patient testimonials or other forms of the patient’s voice that speak to the nominee’s clinical excellence are welcomed
  • Names and contact information of up to four potential letter writers who can speak to the nominees clinical abilities:
    • At least 2 of the proposed letter writers must come from outside the Department of Medicine and should speak to direct interaction(s) with the nominee.
    • It is recommended that the nominee or division head reach out to proposed letter writers to ensure their willingness to serve in this capacity if contacted by DOM.
    • Letter writers from outside the AMC (e.g. referring physicians) are acceptable.

All applications are currently closed.

Download the Clinical Excellence Society Application Form.

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