Research and Innovation Conference

RIC will be held virtually via Zoom on Thursdays, from 12-1pm until further notice.

The Department of Medicine’s Research & Innovation Conference is a regularly scheduled ‘research-in-progress’ style forum to enable and enhance research outcomes by encouraging faculty to share their research ideas, designs and results with their colleagues to receive feedback.

Zoom link: Contact Natalie De Leary for more information

RIC Presentation Archives

March 4, 2021Peter Kabos, MD, Division of Medical Oncology
Mapping Transcription Factor and Nucleosome Dynamics in Plasma
March 11, 2021Jennifer Kemp, Department of MedicineTBD
March 18, 2021Lauren Fishbein, Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and DiabetesTBD
April 1, 2021Katarzyna Mastalerz, PACE Program
Ara Metjian, Division of Hematology
April 8, 2021Quality and Patient Safety Program (TBD)TBD
April 15, 2021

Jessica McDermott, Division of Medical Oncology

Joseph Frank, Division of General Internal Medicine

April 29, 2021Beth Tamburini, GastroenterologyTBD
May 6, 2021Quality and Patient Safety Program (TBD)
John Montford, Division of Renal Diseases
May 13, 2021

Marisha Burden and Angela Keniston, Division of Hospital Medicine

Sean Iwamoto, Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes