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1/20/2022Yen-Rei Andrea Yu, MD, PhDMacrophages as central regulators of pulmonary vascular diseasesClick here
1/20/2022Susan Calcaterra MD, MPHHospital-Based Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Initiation and Continuation: Perspectives of Patients and Hospital-Based ProvidersClick here
1/13/2022Sarah Faubel, MDSystemic inflammation, the liver, and the acute phase response in a clinically relevant murine model of pre-renal azotemia.Click here
1/13/2022Calen A. Steiner, MD MSModeling Intestinal Fibrosis; From Bench to Biopsy and Back Again.Click here
1/6/2022Laura K. Wiley, PhDDeveloping an Equitable Learning Healthcare System: Exploring the Impact of Sex and Gender DisparitiesClick here
1/6/2022Anne Drabkin, MDA New Model for Osteoporosis Care through a Hospital-Led Fracture Liaison ServiceClick here
12/9/2021Laura S. Graham, MDTargeting Homologous Recombination Deficiency in Metastatic Prostate CancerClick here
12/9/2021Kristi Kuhn, MD, PhDMucosal mechanisms in the development of inflammatory arthritisClick here
12/2/2021Katja Kiseljak-Vassiliades, DOExploring Immunotherapy in Adrenocortical CarcinomaClick here
12/2/2021David Kao, MDPhenotype-based HF management: Personalized medicine, bionic learning, and clinical transformationClick here
11/18/2021Peter D. Sottile, MDVentilatory Dyssynchrony  and Ventilatory Induced Lung InjuryClick here
11/11/2021Curt R. Freed, MDBrain cell transplantation as treatment for Parkinson's diseaseClick here
11/4/2021Melissa New, MDBronchoscopy Procedural Anatomy: Teaching Turned "Inside-Out"Click here
10/28/2021Rebecca Schweppe, PhDThe role of subcellular localization of FAK in Thyroid CancerClick here
10/28/2021R. William Vandivier, MDClinical and Biological Consequences of Symptoms Following Airline Secondhand Tobacco Smoke ExposureClick here
10/14/2021Jennifer R. Diamond, MDOvercoming Treatment-Induced Senescence as a Mechanism of Resistance to Anti-Cancer TherapiesClick here
10/14/2021Brent Palmer PhD"Connection between SARS-CoV-2-specific T cells, inflammation and lung function in long COVID-19"Click here
10/7/2021Sarguni Singh, MD"Rehabbed to Death": Understanding Outcomes of Older Adults with Advanced Cancer in Skilled Nursing FacilitiesClick here
10/7/2021Mario Santiago, PhDInterferon Resistance of Emerging SARS-CoV-2 VariantsClick here
9/23/2021Lorna Allen MSN, FNP-CStandardizing the OPAT Discharge Process: a QI Approach to Improving High Value CareClick here
9/23/2021Natasha L. Altman, MDCOVID-19 Myocarditis and vaccine-induced myocardial injuryClick here
9/16/2021Bryan R. Haugen, MDNovel Therapeutic Approaches to Patients with Advanced Thyroid CancerClick here
9/16/2021Arianne L. Theiss, PhDObesity and the intestine: the impact of extracellular vesiclesClick here

Marisha Burden, MD, FACP, SFHM

Angela Keniston, MSPH

Building Thriving Clinical Teams: A Vision for the FutureClick here
5/13/2021Sean J. Iwamoto, MDGender-Affirming Care and Cardiovascular Health in Transgender and Gender Diverse Adults: Bringing Aging into the EquationClick here
5/6/2021Amber Sieja, MDEHR Optimization: Let's Sprint to Reduce BurnoutClick here
5/6/2021John R. Montford, MD15-Lipoxygenase: Friend or Foe in Chronic Kidney Disease Progression?Click here
4/29/2021Beth Jiron Tamburini, PhDMolecular tracking devices quantify vaccine antigen distribution in the lymph nodeClick here
4/29/2021Brian Montague, DO, MS, MPHUse of longitudinal antibody testing to understand the cumulative incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection in high-risk first responders: Are we missing cases?Click here
4/15/2021Jessica McDermott, MD MSCSImproving Access to Research for Hispanic Head and Neck Cancer PatientsClick here
4/15/2021Joseph Frank, MDThe VA Opioid Addiction & Recovery Veteran Engagement Board: First Year & Future DirectionsClick here
4/8/2021Henry R. Kramer, MDDesign of a Bundled Intervention to Improve Transitions of Care for Patients with Venous ThromboembolismClick here
4/1/2021Ara Metjian, MDAutoimmune Mediated Cytopenias: Past, Present, and FutureClick here
4/1/2021Katarzyna Mastalerz, MDInterprofessional Socialization in Graduate Medical Education: the challenge of really working togetherClick here
3/11/2021Lori Walker, PhDArrhythmic effects of cannabis in ischemic heart diseaseClick here
2/25/2021Laura P. Hurley, MD, MPHPrimary Care Physicians' Perspective Related to Recombinant Zoster Vaccine (a.k.a Shingrix)Click here
2/25/2021Sachin Wani, MD, FASGE, AGAFAssessing and Improving Quality in Barrett's Esophagus and Esophageal Adenocarcinoma Using National Quality Benchmarking RegistriesClick here
2/18/2021Bryan Bergman, PhDIntermuscular adipose tissue - a novel adipose depot impacting muscle strength, size, and insulin sensitivity in humansClick here
2/18/2021Kathleen Woulfe, PhDDefining Age and Sex-Specific Differences in Sarcomeric FunctionClick here
2/4/2021Tyler Anstett, DODig Deeper: Finding (and fixing) a Root Cause of Add-on Laboratory FailuresClick here
2/4/2021Joshua M. Thurman, MDNon-Invasive Detection of Tissue InflammationClick here
1/21/2021Chris Evans, PhDMolecular Mechanisms of Pulmonary Mucus Defense and PathologyClick here
1/21/2021Carlo Marchetti, PhDTargeting NLRP3 in COVID-19Click here
1/14/2021Curt R. Freed, MD
A new way to treat Parkinson's Disease: Turn on a protective geneClick here
1/7/2021Michel Choncol, MDIL-6 Blockcade in Kidney DiseaseClick here
1/7/2021Tejas Patil, MDBiomarker Testing and Practical Use of Targeted Therapies in Non-Small Cell Lung CancerClick here
12/17/2020Beth Gillespe, MD, FACPSocial Determinants of Health, High Temperatures, and Healthcare Utilization: A Retrospective Work-in-ProgressClick here
12/17/2020Joseph Hippensteel, MD, MSCirculating Chondroitin Sulfate: A Novel Contributor to Sepsis-Associated DeliriumClick here
12/10/2020Darleen Sandoval, PhDWhat can we learn from mouse models of bariatric surgery?Click here
12/10/2020V. Michael Holers, MDTransitioning from "Arthritis Drugs" Today to Mechanism-Based Interventions Tomorrow in Preclinical Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Team Science ApproachClick here
11/12/2020Moumita Ghosh, PhDImpaired Epithelial Repair in Chronic Lung Disease and Lung CarcinomaClick here
11/12/2020Isaac TW Harley, MD, PhD, MSDefining the molecular basis of the microRNA-146A risk allele in Systemic Lupus ErythematosusClick here
11/5/2020Blake Jones, MDCreating a Colonoscopy Adenoma Detection Quality System Using Natural Language ProcessingClick here
11/5/2020Mary C.M. Weiser-Evans, PhD, FAHATranslational Insights into Mechanisms of Pathological Vascular Remodeling: Focus on Resident Vascular Smooth Muscle CellsClick here
10/22/2020David M. Woods, PhDInterrogating PhosphoSTATs as Immunotherapy Biomarkers: Developing Approaches to Drive DiscoveriesClick here
10/15/2020Jane EB Reusch, MDIs exercise intolerance a microvascular complication of diabetes?Click here
10/15/2020Amy C. Keller, PhD Thermoneutral housing and vascular function: more than just a hot connectionClick here
10/08/2020Christina L. Roark, PhD, D(ABHI)HLA-DRB1*04:01 Gene Editing: A Treatment for Rheumatoid ArthritisClick here
10/08/2020Arianne Theiss, PhDThe Role of Obese Adipose Tissue in Altering Colonic Stem Cell HomeostasisClick here
10/01/2020Jennifer Dickman Portz, PhD, MSWDeveloping Digital Health for Palliative and End-of-Life CareClick here
10/01/2020Christine McMahon, MDNovel strategies to improve outcomes for relapsed and refractory acute myeloid leukemiaClick here
09/24/2020Anna Neumeier, MDAdvancing Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Training across the Continuum of LearningClick here
09/17/2020Ivana V. Yang, PhDMUC5B and Multiciliogenesis in Pulmonary FibrosisClick here

Richard K. Albert, MD

Sigh ventilation to reduce the incidence of ARDS (the SiVent study)

Click here
03/05/2020Mamuka Kvaratskhelia, PhDStructural and mechanistic bases for an ultra-potent HIV-1 capsid inhibitorClick here
02/27/2020Wenbo Zhou, PhDA novel cell culture model of Alzheimer's disease for drug screeningClick here
02/27/2020Arianne L. Theiss, PhDMitochondrial function and intestinal inflammationClick here
02/20/2020Charles Edelstein, MD, PhDA model to determine autophagic flux in the kidney and heart reveals suppressed autophagic flux caused by sham surgeryClick here
02/13/2020Sean Colgan, PhDTissue metabolism in mucosal inflammation Click here
02/13/2020Kerrie Moreau, PhDSex-specific mechanisms underlying vascular aging Click here
01/30/2020Eduardo Davila, PhDDeveloping the Next Generation of Anti-cancer Cell TherapiesClick here
01/30/2020Sayuri Kelly, MS, OTRSufficient Nurse Staffing in Nursing Homes: Issues with ComplianceClick here
01/23/2020Christopher King, MD, FACP, FHMValue Time Out: Addressing the Healthcare Value Crisis through Curriculum Design
Click here
01/16/2020Jennifer Adams, MDDeveloping Advocates and Leaders in the Care of Urban Underserved PopulationsClick here
01/16/2020Olivia RisslandThe interplay between a protein's sequence and its productionClick here
12/12/2019​ Alexis Leal​Making a cold tumor hot - Immunotherapy in microsatellite stable colorectal cancerClick here
12/12/2019Nicholas Walter​A new molecular tool to accelerate TB regimen developmentClick here
12/5/2019​Paul Maclean​The Colorado NORCClick here
11/21/2019​Kristen Demoruelle​Sex Differences in Rheumatoid Arthritis-Related AutoimmunityClick here
11/7/2019​Beth Tamurini​Changing practice: Clinical pathway integration into hospitalist workflowClick here
11/7/2019​Anunta Virapongse​Changing practice: Clinical pathway integration into hospitalist workflowClick here
10/10/2019​Sarah Jolley​Identifying neuromyopathy in critically ill patientsClick here
10/10/2019​Robert Doebele​How we finally got to a tumor agnostic treatment paradigm in cancerClick here
10/3/2019​Elizabeth Kudron​Leveraging genetic data for advances in research & population healthClick here
09/26/2019​Amira Del Pino-Jones​Assessment of the Diversity and Equity Climate Within the Division of Hospital MedicineClick here
09/19/2019​Amy McKee​A role for TNFa in regulating DAMP release from necrotic alveolar macrophages: implications for development of hypersensitivity and granulomatous lung diseaseClick here
09/19/2019​Andy Levy​Agreement in Acute MI Definitions: Implications for Value-Based Incentive ProgramsClick here
09/12/2019​David Schwartz​IPF: a genetic disease involving the peripheral airwaysClick here
09/12/2019​Anosheh Afghahi​Updates in Breast Cancer Genetics, Screening and PreventionClick here
05/09/2019​Pamela Peterson, MD, MSPH​Enhancing cardiac rehabilitation adherence through home-based rehabilitation and behavioral nudgesClick here
05/02/2019​ Vanessa Sherk, PhD​All roads lead to bone: Multidisciplinary approaches to understanding fracture risk in obesityClick here
05/02/2019​Jennifer Kemp, PhD​What's New With Rigor and Reproducibility in NIH Grant Applications?Click here
04/25/2019​Kristen Nowak, PhD​Daily Caloric Restriction and Intermittent Fasting in Overweight and Obese Adults with ADPKDClick here
04/25/2019​Sachin Wani, MD​Improving Quality in Barrett's Esophagus and Esophageal Adenocarcinoma - Setting Rational BenchmarksClick here
04/11/2019​Breelyn Wilky​Empowering the immune system in sarcomas: From bedside to bench and back again Click here
04/04/2019Matthew Taylor, MD, PhD​Revealing the Heart Failure TranscriptomeClick here
04/04/2019​Jane Reusch, MD​Exercise in tolerance in Diabetes: Is it a microvascular complication?Click here
03/14/2019​Alexandra McCubbrey, PhD​Metabolic impact of efferocytosis: a signal for macrophage reprogrammingClick here
03/07/2019​Matthew Burchill, PhD​Liver lymphatic expansion, differentiation and function in the setting of chronic liver diseaseClick here
03/07/2019​York Miller, MD​Reversal of Airway Premalignancy: Progress toward Personalized TreatmentClick here
02/28/2019​Odette Gore, MD​A New Approach to Precision Prevention: Multi-Biomarker Assessment of Short-Term Cardiovascular RiskClick here
02/28/2019​Raphael Nemenoff, PhD​Determinants of Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Lung CancerClick here
​02/21/2019​Bradley Haverkos, MD, MPH, MS​Leveraging immunotherapy to improve treatments for newly diagnosed peripheral T-cell lymphomasClick here
​02/07/2019​Joseph Frank, MD​Opioid Tapering and Patient Engagement: Results of a National VA SurveyClick here
​02/06/2019​Drs. David Schwartz and Craig Jordan​Programmatic research in the Department of Medicine and across campusClick here
​01/24/2019​Linda A. Barbour, MD, MSPH​Intrauterine Factors Fueling Transgenerational Obesity—Much More than Sugar to BlameClick here
​01/24/2019​Joshua Thurman, MD ​Complement and the KidneyClick here
​01/03/2019​Amy Huebschmann, MD​Improving primary care diabetes management through dissemination and implementation science methods – Moving from Vision to RealityClick here
​01/03/2019​Daniel Bessessen, MD​Treatment of Obesity in Primary Care Click here

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