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5/23/23Kathryn Allen Nearing, PhD, MAOlder Adult Research Specialists – An innovation that is diversifying our research workforce and catalyzing new approaches to recruiting and retaining older adults and other underrepresented populations in clinical trials
5/9/23Benjamin Vipler, MD, MEd, FACPTransformative Learning in GME, COVID-19 & Beyond
5/2/23Seth Furgeson, MDCysteinyl Leukotrienes and Chronic Kidney Disease Progression
4/11/23John Montford, MDModeling Acute Bacterial Infection in a Host Compromised with Preexisting Kidney Disease
4/11/23Linda A. Barbour, MD, MSPHMaking Fat from Fat: The Role of Maternal Triglycerides Driving Baby Fat and Childhood Obesity Risk
3/14/23Erin Bredenberg, MD, MPHExpanding Treatment of Hepatitis C Among Patients with Substance Use Disorder
3/14/23Swati G. Patel, MD, MSNovel Methods to Improve Identification of Hereditary Cancer Syndromes
3/7/23Kathleen Woulfe, PhDFunctional Consequences of Acetylation on Sarcomeric Proteins
2/28/23Danielle M. Ostendorf, PhDEngaging Stakeholders to Design a Physical Activity Support Program for Adults with Overweight or Obesity: Preliminary Findings
2/21/23Michael T. Falta, PhDDiscovering T Cell Epitopes in Granulomatous Lung Disease
2/21/23Marisha Burden, MD
Angela Keniston, MSPH
GrittyWork: Improving Patient, Clinician and Organizational Outcomes through Evidence-Based Hospitalist Staffing Models
1/31/23Sue Gu, MD, MScPHMacrophages in the Right Ventricle
1/24/23Christine D. Jones, MD, MSLeveraging Innovative Mixed Methods in the VA Transitions Nurse Program
 Joshua M. Thurman, MDComplement and the Kidney
1/17/23Amiran Baduashvili, MDInnovating in Digital Education: An Online Course in Bayesian Reasoning
Dan Bessesen, MDRegulation of Body Weight: Relevance to Obesity
1/10/23Jamie Studts, PhDHastening Improvement in Lung Cancer Outcomes: Screening, Survivorship and Social Change
Robert B. Metter, MDStandardized Risk Assessment for Perioperative Delirium
12/13/22Amy Yu, MDInter-Hospital Transfers: Provider Perspectives on Care Coordination Challenges
11/29/22Traci Lyons, PhDCareer Development Special Topic: Starting a Research Lab
11/15/22Marc S. Schwartz, MDAdult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Program at CU Anschutz
Brian M. Freed, PhD, FACHIHLA Gene Editing to Treat Refractory Rheumatoid Arthritis
11/8/22Beth Jiron Tamburini, PhDMethods for Evaluating Vaccine Antigen Trafficking and Archival
Sridharan Raghavan, MDGenetic Insights into Diabetes Complications in Clinical Biobanks
11/1/22Elaine T. Lam, MD, FACPBelzutifan for VHL-Associated Tumors: A Molecules to Medicine Success Story
10/11/22Nirmal K. Banda, PhD, MPhil, MSStop the Start: Therapeutics Targeting C5aR1 to Treat Early Rheumatoid Arthritis as a New Pathway to Precision Medicine
Joseph W. Frank, MD, PhD
Yoni K. Ashar, PhD
Pain Reprocessing Therapy: Initial Findings & Future Directions
10/4/22Paul S. MacLean, PhDThe Colorado Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC) – Advancing the Science for Better Health
9/27/22Michael Rosenberg, MDRhythm Management of AF Using AI: Strategies to Integrate Machine Learning Algorithms into Care Decisions
Janine Higgins, PhDYou Are What You Eat: Fact, Fiction, or Perception?

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