Promotion Process 

Department of Medicine

Department of Medicine Promotion Timeline:

  • Notification from SOM of faculty due to go up for promotion: Mid-August
  • Faculty start dossier preparation: Mid-August or before
  • Deadline for letters to be submitted to DOM Chair for signature: October 15 
  • Documents due to DOM: October 31
  • Deadline to the SOM: December 31 

Promotions Approval Process Timeline:

December – January: Department of Medicine promotions applications are submitted to the School of Medicine
January – June: Applications are reviewed by the SOM Faculty Promotions Committee and from there move to the Chancellor level with an effective date of July 1

  • The School of Medicine Faculty Promotions Committee meets twice a month from January to June. 
  • Formal approval and announcements will be made as review is complete. Final date for process June 30. 
  • Department of Medicine receives notice when Department review is complete at Promotions Committee.
    • NOTE: No formal announcements are made until approval occurs at the Chancellor level. 
  • Final approval at Chancellor level, all effective July 1.