Mid-Course Review

All assistant professors in the Department of Medicine must undergo a comprehensive Mid-Course Review, typically during the third or fourth year of their assistant professor appointment. Mid-Course Reviews are required by the School of Medicine and must be completed before an assistant professor can submit for promotion to associate professor or submit a promotion extension request. 


  • Conversation with senior faculty about career accomplishments and professional goals.
  • Opportunity to ask questions and receive support from the DOM in preparation for promotion.
  • Discuss which promotion series is the right fit for your career goals.
  • Receive actionable and specific recommendations to help progress towards promotion.

General Process and Timeline:

  • Assistant professors due for Mid-Course Review are asked to prepare and submit a dossier via Interfolio.
  • Each dossier is reviewed by 2–3 members of the Mid-Course Review Committee.
  • A 30-minute meeting is scheduled with the assistant professor and committee members to discuss feedback.
  • A summary letter with recommendations is issued to the assistant professor and division head.

Questions: DOM.FacultyDevelopment@cuanschutz.edu 

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