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Equity Initiatives 

The Department of Medicine values a supportive, equitable environment that allows everyone to thrive. Additionally, the Department recognizes that diversity, inclusion, equity and wellness are drivers of excellence, and we are committed to support and create programs that respect and value every individual’s unique and diverse characteristics, promote a culture of wellness and create opportunities to serve the broader community.

​The department’s initiatives make up a multi-faceted approach, providing resources and programmatic support to our faculty, staff, researchers and trainees. 

Key Initiatives 

Diversity and Justice
We are deeply committed to increasing diversity among our workforce, and creating an environment where everyone matters and all voices are equally heard. 

Program to Advance Gender Equity (PAGE)
Diversity and inclusivity are enhanced through targeted efforts to promote gender equity, and identify and intentionally address areas of gender inequity within all Department of Medicine’s divisions. 

Wellness (WellDOM)
Target efforts to support a creative, thriving, cultivating and sustaining culture that promotes the ability for individuals and teams to continually expand their capacity to achieve the results they desire, personally and professionally. 

Community Impact
Provide opportunities for training and service in different cultural, religious and social environments including local clinics for the underserved, rural and community health programs and global health.