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Medtronic Guardian Sharing Guide


Follow the steps below to share your Medtronic Guardian sensor data on Carelink.

If using an insulin pump, you will need to upload it separately. See bottom of page.

Before you get started


This guide is only for uploading a standalone Medtronic Guardian sensor.

If using a Medtronic pump and your sensor is linked to your pump, you do not need to upload it separately. See Medtronic pump upload guide to upload your devices.


Get Started

When you set up the GuardianConnect app for the first time, you created a CareLink account.

The app continuously pushes data from your sensor to your CareLink Personal account.


Open Carelink

Go to and sign in using your personal Carelink account.

Sign in using the username and password you created when setting up the GuardianConnect app to start your sensor.



Check your data

On the reports page:

  1. Confirm that the latest date for Reporting period is the current date.
  2. Confirm data are available for Sensor. Bar graph will show data available for given date range.


Share your data

If you have previously shared your CareLink data with the Barbara Davis Center, you are all set.

If you have not shared, or are not sure, we will need your CareLink username and password to link your account.

Share Data with the BDC

You're all set!

If you have any questions or concerns, contact

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