Molecular Biology Core Facility 

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Prices are for internal, CU Anschutz customers. Please contact Mark Farrell ( regarding pricing for external and industry customers. *Pricing is dependent on size of order. See more details on our iLabs site
DNA SequencingPrice/Sample
​Separate Template and Primer*​$5.49-$6.49
​Template and Primer Premix*​$4.99-$6.24
Human STR/ID Services
​Cell Line Authentication*​$74.99-$124.99
Cell Line Authentication and Mycoplasma Screening*$89.99-$124.99
​Match Analysis for Cell Line Authentication​​$49.99
​Zygosity Testing​$74.99
Other Core Services
​Mycoplasma Screening​$24.99
​Fragment Analysis​​$3.99
​Species Identification​$24.99
​Bioanalyzer: DNA (price is per chip)​$59.99
​Bioanalyzer: RNA (price is per chip)​$59.99
​gDNA Extraction and Purification​$24.99
​ExoSap PCR Product Purification​$4.99


Barbara Davis Center
Anschutz Medical Campus.
1775 Aurora Court, 4th floor, Room 4207
Phone: 303-724-6825

Molecular Biology contact personnel:
Mark Farrell​Core Manager

BDCBioResourcesCore​ by email



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