Early T1D Clinic

Clinical Care for Early-Stage Type 1 Diabetes Patients

The Barbara Davis Center's Early Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) Clinic, opened in December 2022, delivers comprehensive care to both kids and adults who have tested positive for T1D-related autoantibodies. This clinic brings together a team of physicians, nurse certified diabetes educators, and psychologists to offer education, metabolic monitoring, and resources essential for enhancing quality of life and health outcomes during the initial phases of T1D. Healthcare providers in the Early T1D Clinic engage in discussions with patients about available treatment options, including those provided through clinic services and research studies.

The BDC is nationally recognized and is the regional referral center for the clinical treatment of individuals with stage 2 T1D – those with no symptoms but some abnormal blood sugar levels. The treatment, called teplizumab (Tzield), is administered at the BDC infusion center and has the potential to postpone the diagnosis of clinical T1D and insulin treatment by several years.


Medical Lead: Kimber Simmons, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics



Type 1 Diabetes Screening Resources for Patients and Families

Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is a condition that can affect anyone, no matter their age or family history. By getting screened for T1D-related autoantibodies, you can find out if you're more likely to develop T1D. Being aware that you are at high risk for T1D enables you to recognize symptoms early, participate in T1D prevention research trials, and explore therapy options to postpone the onset of clinical T1D.

Screening Resources

Early T1D Clinic Services

Early T1D Clinic

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