Clinical Care for Early-Stage T1d Patients

The Barbara Davis Center's Early T1d Clinic is a new clinical offering for pediatric and adult patients who have tested positive for T1d autoantibodies or are at elevated risk for development of type-1 diabetes. The clinic provides education, monitoring, and screening for patients who have not yet progressed into full-onset of type-1 diabetes. The BDC is now also the only center in Colorado offering a therapy option for patients with stage-2 type-1 diabetes meant to delay the full onset of type-1 diabetes. The goal of this clinic is to offer patients with early-stage type-1 diabetes education and resources to prepare for the responsibilities that come with managing type-1 diabetes.

The clinic is certified by the American Diabetes Association, and our nurses, dietitians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and social workers are Certified Diabetes Educators. Our pediatric endocrinologists also participate in studies that strive to advance and improve glucose monitoring and closed loop technology through observational studies and clinical trials at our Center.


Medical Lead: Kimber Simmons, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics





T1D Screening Resources for Patients and Families

Type 1 diabetes can happen to anyone at any age, regardless of family history. Knowing your risk in advance can help you better monitor for symptoms, participate in research, or potentially receive therapy to delay onset. Screening can help you know if you are likely to develop T1d.


Early T1D Clinic Services

Early T1D Clinic

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