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Marian Rewers_150

Marian Rewers, MD, PhD, Professor & Executive Director of Barbara Davis Center

Dr. Rewers primary research is in the etiology/epidemiology of type 1 diabetes as well as insulin resistance and cardiovascular complications of both type 1 and 2 diabetes. Dr. Rewers has been the PI of several large NIH-funded projects: The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young (TEDDY), the Diabetes Autoimmunity Study in the Young (DAISY) and the Genetic and Environmental Causes of Celiac Disease (CEDAR).  DAISY has been instrumental in expanding our knowledge of the causes and risks of diabetes. To translate these results to public health and prevention of T1D, Dr. Rewers initiated the Autoimmunity Screening for Kids (ASK) which screens general population children ages 1-18 for presymptomatic T1D and celiac disease, provides education to prevent delayed diagnosis and complications, eg DKA, as well as access to prevention trials.  Click here for full bio and publications.

Janet SnellBergeon_150

Janet Snell-Bergeon, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor & Division Director
Dr. Snell-Bergeon joined the faculty at the Barbara Davis Center in 2008, after completing her PhD in Epidemiology.  Her research focuses on the complications of type 1 diabetes, particularly cardiovascular and kidney disease.  She is also interested in the study of sex differences in complications, and maternal and child health in the context of diabetes.  Dr. Snell-Bergeon is the Division Director, and also chairs the Faculty Development Committee at the Barbara Davis Center, is a member of the Barbara Davis Center Executive Committee, and chairs the Department of Pediatrics PhD Faculty Interest Group. Click here for full bio and publications.

Baxter_150Judy Baxter, MA, Associate Clinical Professor
Judy Baxter’s research agenda has centered on planning, implementing, analyzing and sustaining population-based research studies designed to investigate the natural history and determinants of chronic disease, especially Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in populations spanning the life course.   In particular, she has interests in the social, psychological and cultural factors in disease risk and behavioral interventions for prevention.
Geno_150Cristy Geno-Rasmussen, PhD, Senior Instructor
Dr. Geno Rasmussen is the program manager for the Autoimmunity Screening for Kids (ASK) program. ASK aims to screen between 50-70,000 children, ages 1-17, who live in Colorado for pre-symptomatic type 1 diabetes and celiac disease. In addition, Dr. Geno Rasmussen is working with the ASK investigator team on the development of several pilot studies that will support the follow-up of ASK study participants. Dr. Geno Rasmussen serves as mentor, preceptor, and committee member on student thesis and Capstone projects in the School of Public Health and School of Medicine. In addition, she coordinates the Data Analysis and Manuscript Review Committee, participates in the School of Medicine Junior Faculty Group and Clinical Epidemiology Division Management team, aids on the Faculty Development Committee, and serves as a journal reviewer for multiple journals.
Dong_150Fran Dong, MS, Instructor
Fran has been working in type 1 diabetes research since 2011 and provides statistical support to various studies at BDC.  Her research interests include longitudinal data analyses-linear and nonlinear mixed models and survival analysis and joint modeling of multiple outcomes.  In her spare time she enjoys reading, and outdoor activities
Gesualdo_150Patricia (Tricia) Gesualdo, RN, MPH, Research Instructor
Tricia is a pediatric nurse with advanced education and professional training in maternal and child health epidemiology.   Since 2004, she has served as a lead clinical coordinator of the The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young (TEDDY), an NIH-funded multi-centered study whose goal is to identify the environmental triggers that may lead to autoimmunity and type 1 diabetes.  Her interests include collaboration with the study's scientific committees, protocol development and implementation, retention and compliance, and family engagement in the study objectives.  She also chairs the Research Compliance Committee, which provides guidance and support for investigators and research personnel of the Barbara Davis Center to ensure all studies are following the regulatory standards and are compliant in their research practices.
Hoffman_150Michelle Hoffman, RN, Instructor
Michelle Hoffman is a pediatric nurse and has been with the Barbara Davis Center since 1993. She has been clinical manager for DAISY and has expanded her responsibilities with the TEDDY Study and ASK Screening Program. Her research focus has been on patient education and long term follow up of subjects at high risk of type 1 diabetes, celiac, and thyroid disease
Waugh_150Kathleen Waugh, MS, Instructor
Kathy Waugh has been a part of Dr. Rewers’ clinical research team for 15 years, as the TEDDY study began newborn screening.  Her early duties as Laboratory Coordinator for the DAISY and TEDDY studies have expanded to current responsibilities as the DAISY Study Coordinator, ASK/TEDDY/DAISY Lab Manager, ASK/DAISY Data coordination and Barbara Davis Center Clinical Research Laboratory Manager.  Her primary focus is facilitating collaborations between DAISY and other investigators to further the understanding of the epidemiology of type 1 diabetes.
laurel clinical epiLaurel Messer, RN, MPH, CDE, Assistant Professor

Laurel Messer is a Nurse Scientist, Certified Diabetes Educator and Assistant Professor at the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes and the University of Colorado School of Medicine.  She has specialized in the care of children, adolescents, and young adults with Type 1 Diabetes for over 15 years. She is a research investigator in the PANTHER (Practical Advanced Therapies for Diabetes) Research program at the BDC, conducting numerous clinical research studies related to CGM, insulin pumps, and artificial pancreas systems. Dr. Messer’s research interests include factors related to uptake and ongoing use of diabetes technology including Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM), insulin pump, and artificial pancreas systems in individuals with type 1 diabetes. 

Affiliate Faculty



Berget_150Cari Berget, RN, MPH, CDE, Instructor
Cari Berget is a registered nurse and certified diabetes educator with 7 years’ experience in pediatric diabetes clinical care and research. She currently manages the pediatric artificial pancreas research team at BDC where the team conducts numerous clinical trials with youth with T1D using emerging diabetes technologies, including closed loop (aka: artificial pancreas) and continuous glucose monitoring technologies. Her research interests include the impact of closed loop technologies on glycemic outcomes and quality of life as well as the translation of closed loop technologies from research settings to the real world
Biostatistical Consultants

Pyle_100Laura Pyle, PhD, Associate Professor
Acting Director, Child Health Research Biostatistics Core

Laura has been collaborating with investigators at the BDC since 2013, and working in diabetes research since 2002.  She is the main point of contact for biostatistical support at the BDC.  Her research interests include analysis of longitudinal data and design and analysis of clinical trials, particularly with application to diabetes.
Campbell_100Kristin Campbell, MS, Instructor
Child Health Biostatistics Core
Kristen is new to the BDC as of February 2019. She has worked on campus since 2015, primarily in the areas of cancer, cardiology, and transplant research.   Her research interests include survival analysis and joint modeling of multiple outcomes.
Vigers_100Tim Vigers, BS
Master's student, Biostatistics Program
Tim is a master’s student in the biostatistics program. He has worked with continuous glucose monitor (CGM) data since 2015, and wrote an R package for the analysis of CGM data.  He is interested in continuing to learn about all stages of the research process. 
Grants & Admin Support 
phyllis (3)_100Phyllis Sevik, Grants and Contracts Manager
Phyllis Sevik is the Grants and Contracts Manager for the Clinical Epidemiology Division.  She moved to Colorado to join the BDC in April 2018.  She has over 10 years’ experience in research administration and accounting.  She specializes in managing complex collaborative research projects.  Prior to the BDC, Phyllis has always worked in the engineering field and is now enjoying learning about diabetes and human subject research.


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