Barbara Davis Center investigators are researching new treatments and prevention strategies for better outcomes for patients with type 1 diabetes. We have strong collaborators at Children’s Hospital of Colorado, Departments of the School of Medicine, Colorado School of Public Health and across the world through multi-center studies and trials including NIH funded clinical studies: TEDDY, DAISY, CACTI, TrialNet, ITN, and the Artificial Pancreas Project. Additional studies (ADA, JDRF, industry-sponsored, and T1D Exchange funded through the Helmsley Foundation) offer opportunities for discovery and mentored research.

The Barbara Davis Center has played a critical role in trials to provide new therapies to our patients. BDC investigators lead many industry sponsored and investigator initiated clinical trials to find ways to improve the lives of people with type 1 diabetes. These include studies involving new long and short acting insulins and other novel formulations of insulins that have changed the way insulin is delivered to offer more choices for patients to manage their diabetes. The Barbara Davis Center has also been involved in studies of non insulin therapies for glucose management in type 1 diabetes such as DPP-IV inhibitors, bile-acid sequestrants and SGLT1 and/or 2 inhibitors (all approved for type 2 diabetes management). Through excellence in research, patient care and education, our efforts will not cease until prevention and durable cure are widely available.

  • New treatments and specialized centers of excellence will improve outcomes and reduce acute and long-term complications from diabetes.