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The Center provides state-of-the-art diabetes care to >7,500 active patients: 4,600 children and 2,900 adults with diabetes from the Rocky Mountain Region as well as receiving national and international referrals. We provide inpatient care to patients with any type of diabetes who are seen at the Children’s Hospital Colorado. We serve remote areas of the Rocky Mountain Region through our telemedicine program. The division also features clinical epidemiology studies including multicenter studies and trials with partners around the world.

Barbara Davis Center serves more than 90% of Colorado children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. According to the SEARCH for Diabetes in Youth study, over the past ten years BDC provided care to 3,222 of the ~3,500 children who were diagnosed in Colorado. Completing more than 20,000 ambulatory encounters per year, BDC is the largest outpatient clinic for patients with type 1 diabetes in the U.S. and possibly the world. BDC professionals include physicians, nurses, dieticians, social workers, and a pharmacist dedicated to the special needs of pediatric and adult patients.

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The Barbara Davis Center serves as a model for combining basic and clinical investigation.

The Center is a consistent incubator for novel ideas and discoveries in the immunology, genetics, and cell biology of diabetes that have developed into diagnostic assays now standard in diabetes research. The BDC research goals include investigation of the causes of type 1 diabetes, the early detection of autoimmunity, prevention and early intervention. In addition we are developing new treatments, including a focus on the artificial pancreas, and prevention strategies for complications of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and the outcomes of care of type 1 diabetes.

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The incredible productivity of our faculty and staff would not be possible without the generous support of our donors. It is only with this philanthropic support that we are able to accelerate our understanding of diabetes, improve treatment and step by step come closer to prevention and cure.

​Monetary donations may be made in a variety of ways. Please click here for more information on how you can help the Barbara Davis Center!

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   Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes,

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Our Mission

The Barbara Davis Center provides state-of the-art care to children and adults with type 1 diabetes and teaches our patients how to prevent or delay complications. Our research is devoted to finding prevention, cure, and most effective treatment of diabetes and associated disorders.
Marian Rewers, MD, PhD              
Executive Director