Clinical Care for Pediatric Patients

The BDC Pediatric Diabetes Division provides families and patients with an understanding of type 1 diabetes and encourages their confidence in its day-to-day management.  Present evidence strongly suggests that consistent blood sugar control greatly diminishes the chances of long-term eye and kidney complications. The Pediatric Clinic offers complete education and support for children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes. The expectation is that by the time patients are ready to leave home for college or the workforce, they will have the ability to manage their own blood sugars.

The clinic is certified by the American Diabetes Association, and our nurses, dietitians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and social workers are Certified Diabetes Educators. Our pediatric endocrinologists also participate in studies that strive to advance and improve glucose monitoring and closed loop technology through observational studies and clinical trials at our Center.


Director: R. Paul Wadwa, MD, Professor of Pediatrics

Medical Director: G. Todd Alonso, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Pediatric Clinic Services

Pediatric Clinic

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