Dana Davis

DavisDana Davis joined the Children's Diabetes Foundation as the Executive Director in 2015. Having spent most of her life as an activist, philanthropist and educator, Dana returned to Denver to lead the organization founded by her mother and father, Barbara and Marvin Davis. The youngest of the Davis’s five children, Dana was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age seven. At that time, there was no dedicated diabetes clinic in Denver and the family had to fly to Boston for specialized care. Through personal experience, the Davis family immediately recognized the burden of type 1 diabetes on children and families and took steps to do something about it. The family set out to establish a world-class clinic and research center here in Denver and thus the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes and Children’s Diabetes Foundation were founded. 
In keeping with the original goals of the foundation, Dana’s work ensures that all Colorado children and families are able to receive the state-of-the-art care, education, and technology to allow them to live successfully with diabetes. Further, she works tirelessly to promote awareness of the disease and to support research devoted to finding prevention and ultimately a cure for the disease. Through events such as the star studded The Carousel of Hope ball, the Children’s Diabetes Foundation (CDF) has raised over $100 million for diabetes research and wellness. CDF programs such as Helping Hands and Holiday Assistance have supported hundreds of families in need with medical supplies and travel to the Barbara Davis Center for care.


CDF StaffDue to her personal connection with type 1 diabetes, Dana is expanding the Children’s Diabetes Foundation reach in the community by creating new programs and events that support those affected by type 1 diabetes. The incidence of type 1 diabetes is on the rise and Dana knows how dangerous it can be if the disease goes undiagnosed or if blood sugars are too low or too high. Schools will have more and more children with type 1 diabetes and Dana is focused on making sure people are informed about the symptoms. She is constantly striving to show others that this is a livable disease and that a positive outlook can make an incredible difference. 


For more information, see this Colorado Expression article about Dana Davis and the Children's Diabetes Foundation.‚Äč

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