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Spectral cytometry with two newCytek Auroras


  • 4-laser Aurora(405nm Violet, 488nm Blue, 561nm Yellow/Green, and 640nm Red) unit is capable of acquiring up to 25 colors with 51 detector channels (blue laser FSC, violet and blue laser SSC, 48 fluorescence). A plate loadercan handle single, standard depth 96-well plates.


  • 3-laser Aurora(405nm Violet, 488nm Blue, and 640nm Red) unit is capable of acquiring up to 20 colors with 41 detector channels (blue FSC, violet and blue SSC, 38 fluorescence).


The generation of full emission spectra signatures across all lasers gives the user tremendous flexibility in fluorochrome selection. It is possible to use dyes with highly overlapping emission profiles (BV421 and Pacific Blue, for example) in the same sample and there are NO filters to change.


Simple cell sorting is available with the BioRad S3e


  • A 3-laser Bio-Rad S3e(405nm Violet, 488nm Blue, and 561nm Yellow/Green) is capable of 

two-way sorting based on four colors. Filter sets allow detection in the BV421, FITC, PE, and >600nm regions.


The cytometersAND cell sorter are user runand require a short training session. 

All three units are maintained at the highest standard through the manufacturer’s preventative maintenance programs and by daily in-house Quality Control procedures.



Cytometer Training

The Cytometry Core is a trained user-run facility, permitting researchers to have their own staff run samples. The Core manager will train your personnel to properly operate the Aurora and/or cell sorter.


Technical Consultation

Expertise (the Core manager and Cytek personnel) is available to help with cytometry-related concerns, including experimental layout, fluorochrome selection, sample preparation, collection, and analysis.


Cytometry contact:

Scott Beard​, BDC Cytometer Core Manager

303-724-6832 (office) 303-319-8447 (cell)


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