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Medtronic Upload Guide


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Follow the steps below to upload your Medtronic pump to Carelink.

If using a Medtronic CGM and it is linked to your pump, you do not need to upload it separately.

If using a Dexcom or another CGM that is not linked to your pump, you will need to upload it separately. See bottom of page.

Before you get started


Determine the model of your pump

Different models of Medtronic pumps are uploaded differently. Determine how to upload based on the model you are using.

Medtronic Pump ModelUpload Method(s)

Medtronic 630G

Medtronic 670G

Medtronic 530G


Manual Upload via Linking Meter


Medtronic 770G

Manual Upload via Blue USB Dongle (optional component)

Wireless Sync via MiniMed Mobile App


Choose the best method below to continue.

Get ready to upload.


Before you get started:

The MiniMed mobile app only works with the Medtronic 770G pump.

Please note:

If you are using a 630G or 670G pump, you will need to upload manually. See the "Carelink Manual Upload" tab.


What you'll need:


Get Started


Download the MiniMed Mobile App

On a compatible smartphone, download the mobile app.

Download for Android              Download for iPhone

If you have previously installed this app, you can skip this step.


Start up the app

Open the app

The first few screens will provide information on how the app works. Tap Next to continue.


Sign in to CareLink



Set up the app

Open and read the End User License Agreement when prompted.

Tap Agree.

A confirmation window will appear. Tap Agree.


On the Set Up screen, tap Get Started.


Confirm your pump compatibility.


Tap Yes, my pump has the symbol.


Select your pump model.




Pair your pump

Follow the app instructions to put your pump in pairing mode.

If you receive a Bluetooth sharing request on your mobile device, tap Pair.


App will display "Pairing...".

Allow a few moments for the process to complete.


If successful, your will receive a confirmation that your devices are paired.

Tap Next.

If not successful, follow the prompts provided through the app the troubleshoot.


Read the dosing warning and tap OK.


Tap Agree to confirm that you have read and agree to the app's limitations.


Sync to CareLink

The app provides two options to sync your data with CareLink.

Tap Upload Now


Use the automatic Sync to CareLink feature





Check your data

Log in to CareLink

On the reports page:

  1. Confirm that the latest date for Reporting period is the current date.
  2. Confirm data are available for each device you are using. Bar graph will show data available for given date range.



Share your data

If you have previously shared your CareLink data with the Barbara Davis Center, you are all set.

If you have not shared, or are not sure, we will need your CareLink username and password to link your account.

Share with the BDC


You're all set!

If you have any questions or concerns, contact

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