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Routine Diabetes Appointments


Thank you for choosing the home-telemedicine program at the Barbara Davis Center for your/your child’s diabetes care. As these appointments are completed from your home, we would like to review some of the aspects of the visit that may be different from what you typically expect in clinic.

BDC home-telehealth visits are completed over secure videoconferencing using Zoom. You will be sent a zoom link prior to you visit through email. Please make sure you have the Zoom app installed on the device you plan to use prior to your appointment.

Prior to your visit, you will need to submit the consent for telehealth services and upload your devices (blood glucose meter, pump, and/or continuous glucose meter) (if applicable) at home. The platform you use will depend on your devices. Link to the e-form is below.

Get ready for your appointment.

Follow the steps below:

pump      Device Uploads


Prior to you your appointment, you will need to upload your diabetes devices (pumps, CGMs, glucometers). Ideally, you should upload the night before your appointment.

Which platform you use depends on the devices you are using. For specific instructions by device, view:


Device Upload Instructions




Need help uploading? Request technical support.

Schedule Technical Support


downloadzoom     Zoom Client Install/Update


Make sure you have the latest version of the Zoom Meetings Client installed on your PC, Mac, or phone.

To install the latest version:

Download Zoom Meetings Client




For Mac or Windows, download the Desktop Client.

On a phone, use the link to the appropriate app store.


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