A Newsletter for Patients and Families with Bleeding and Clotting Disorders

Each month our HTC publishes a monthly newsletter. This newsletter, called The Clotting Connection, is sent out to those who have subscribed automatically via email as well as posted here on our website. We announce publication of each month's newsletter on our home page and on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We normally print copies that are placed in our clinic, however because of the COVID-19 pandemic we are restricting newsletters to digital for the time being.

You can sign up to receive The Clotting Connection in your email box by going here.

We understand a few patients will need a physical copy due to medical reasons or lack of access to the internet. In those specific cases only, please contact us at either HTC.Newsletter@ucdenver.edu or call us at 303-724-2309 to request a paper copy. Please  note that we will not be sending out paper copies until the pandemic restrictions ease.

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Digital versions of our newsletters can be found directly here:

Current Digital Newsletter & Archives

If you would like to subscribe, you will receive an email with the newsletter included, plus links to view it in a browser. Please fill out the form here to receive our newsletters via email.