Clinics for Women

Supporting Women with Bleeding Disorders

The HTC supports events and activities and groups for women who are carriers of a hemophilia gene, who have von Willebrand disease or other clotting deficiencies, or who are mothers of daughters with clotting deficiencies. Our Spots and Dots Clinic brings female bleeding disorder patients together with experts to meet the challenges women face. 

The local chapter of the National Bleeding Disorders Foundation is our resource to provide updated information on programs available to women in these unique situations. NBDF Colorado has several resources and activities dedicated to women with bleeding disorders. Learn more at their website here

Additional resources for women located in Montana and Wyoming are also available through the Rocky Mountain Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders Association website. The site has details on their current events, news and services available. You can also contact them directly at 406-586-4050 or




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