Giving to the Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center

Giving to the Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center

‚ÄčThe HTC provides more than just care to people with bleeding and clotting disorders. As an organization, the HTC seeks to educate patients about proactively caring for their own disorders, living more active and healthy lives than ever before, as well as helping family members become an active and knowledgeable part of living with chronic conditions. In addition to the HTC’s cutting-edge clinic and strong educational resources, the HTC’s array of engaging programs helps immerse people with bleeding and clotting disorders in safe, challenging environments like camping, sports, and hiking, while reinforcing important self-treatment skills.

The HTC is only able to provide these strong programs, assistance to patients traveling a great distance for treatment, and educational activities with the help of generous contributions from donors.  We strongly encourage our supporters to contribute to one of the CU Foundation funds created specifically for the HTC. Funds can be donated directly to a specific fund, ensuring that the funds reach only the intended recipients, or given to the HTC as a whole, benefitting all programming equally. Additional fundraising activities are also available through various individual events and we appreciate and encourage your support through those programs as well.


HTC Funds:

Bleeding Disorders: Fund used to support camp and other activities related to the HTC. 

Mailed Contributions for Bleeding Disorder Funds: 

Please make checks payable to the CU Foundation, and mail to:
Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center
University of Colorado Denver
Mail Stop F416
13199 E Montview Blvd.,
Suite 100
Aurora, CO 80045-7202
The CU Foundation tax ID number is: 84-6049811



Pediatric Stroke Support Group: Fund used to support the Pediatric Stroke Support Group providing support, education, and advocacy for families impacted by the range of outcomes of all types of pediatric stroke.


Mailed Contributions for Pediatric Stroke Support Group:

To send checks to contribute to the Pediatric Stroke Support Group please print and fill out the form below and follow the instructions included to contribute.

Pediatric Stroke Support Group Form


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