Here at our HTC, we treat many types of blood disorders, and on this page you can find links and information regarding what each of our clinics cover. Our clinic is the region's main treatment center for most of these disorders and covers patients from Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.  

Comprehensive Visit

Most of our HTC Clinic is dedicated to those with hemophilia or other bleeding disorders. Many of our patients come in annually for a Comprehensive visit, which includes care from hematologists, physical therapists, social workers, nursing staff, and our pharmacy team. These can also include input and discussion with geneticists and researchers. Between these Comprehensive visits, patients may come in for help from our physical therapists or hematologists when faced with bleeds and other issues. Many patients also benefit from support from our psychosocial team throughout the year. These Comprehensive visits are powerful tools in keeping patients healthy, watching for physical trends, and providing opportunities patients to be involved in research. Learn more about our Bleeding Disorder Comprehensive Clinics here.

Women with Bleeding Disorders

In addition to an annual Comprehensive visit, our female bleeding disorder patients may be interested in visiting our specialized Women's clinic called Spots and Dots. This care includes hematologists who specialize in women's bleeding disorders. To learn more about how we help Women with Bleeding Disorders, go here.

Outreach Clinics

We also have Outreach Clinics for bleeding disorder patients in our region who do not live close enough to our Denver HTC for easy access. These include annual visits to Grand Junction, Colorado, and both Missoula and Bozeman, Montana. We also offer these clinics in Colorado Springs, Colorado on a quarterly basis. Dates for these clinics vary and are subject to change. More details can be found at our Outreach Clinic page.

Thrombosis Clinics

For those patients who have a clotting disorder, we have hematologists, nursing, specialized pharmacists and social work teams to provide support and specialized care. Our doctors and nurses have specific training to understand the challenges and potential risks to patients who have thrombosis related conditions. To find out more about how we treat thrombosis or clotting disorders, go here.

Pediatric Stroke Clinics

We have a clinical department that treats pediatric stroke patients here at our HTC. Working with Children's Hospital Colorado, we are able to provide specialized neurologists, physical therapy, rehab, surgery, and psychosocial care for our young patients who have survived a stroke and other related conditions. For more information on our pediatric stroke clinics, go here.


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