Insurance and Billing

We know that one of the more stressful things about treating any disorder is managing insurance and keeping up with how the billing process works. We have experts at our clinic who work regularly with all kinds of insurance plans, Medicare, Medicaid, as well as what to do if your insurance lapses.

Please be proactive and contact us with questions on understanding what you need to do to optimize your insurance and understand your financial responsibility. When in clinic, please do not hesitate to ask about what is covered and what is not.

We have specialists who can answer your questions regarding pharmacy related insurance and billing, as well as clinic related insurance and billing. Call our main number to be connected to the appropriate department to answer your questions. 

Our main billing system is run through CU Medicine. Any bills you may receive will be managed through their system. You can contact them with questions here.

You may also receive billing from Children's Hospital Colorado or UCHealth if you used services through them. Often those bills may be related to care at our HTC but we do not manage those directly. Please contact them directly for support.

Some billing support may be available through the local NHF Colorado chapter, or through resources available via the National Hemophilia Foundation. Please see their sites directly for information on how they can help.

You can contact us with any questions of problems you may have with your bills or insurance company, and we will be happy to help with whatever we can. 

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