Pharmacy Resources

Forms and Information for our Pharmacy Patients

​We have a variety of forms and other information that can be helpful for our Pharmacy patients. 

Welcome Packet

This packet includes information we provide to our new patients and was sent to all our current patients when it was created as well. 

It includes Patient Rights and Responsibilities, HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices, Grievance/Complaint Reporting, information on the safe handling of medication, storage, drug disposal and sharps disposal guidelines, as well as other information. The bulk of the packet can be viewed or downloaded here: Welcome Packet

Individual Forms (found in the Welcome Packet):

HIPAA Privacy Practices 

Patient Authorization and Plan of Service

PHI Release Form

Pharmacy Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

Pharmacy Satisfaction Survey Example

If you have any questions or problems gaining access to these forms, please contact us at 303-724-0168 or toll free at 888-724-7427, or contact us via email at


COVID-19 Resources

​During this challenging time our HTC staff has gathered some great resources to help our patients and families. Please head to our COVID-19 Resources page to access these additional resources.​


External Resources

We encourage our pharmacy patients to be proactive with their health and be involved in the bleeding disorder community for support and education. Some wonderful options for patients:

National Hemophilia Foundation- Colorado Chapter

Rocky Mountain Hemophilia & Bleeding Disorders Association

National Hemophilia Foundation

Hemophilia Federation of America

World Federation of Hemophilia

World Health Organization

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention​


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