Clinical Research

New Treatments, Global Assays and Clinical Best Practices

The HTC clinical research department is responsible for the appropriate management of numerous ongoing studies to develop new bleeding and clotting treatments, diagnostic tests, and methods for clinical best practices.

Our research department falls under the purview of the Colorado Multiple Institutional Review Board (COMIRB) which oversees the conduct and approvals of clinical trials and research studies. The HTC clinical research team has a regular presence in our clinic, where they recruit for and enroll in research studies, perform consented blood draws, and perform study visits. If you have questions about research studies you can reach our Research Shared line at 303-724-0306.

We generally classify research into two types: Industry-Sponsored Trials and Investigator-Initiated Studies.

Industry-Sponsored Trials are studies driven by pharmaceutical advances, such as a new medication, and usually require long-term enrollment (1-3 years) of a very small group of patients. These clinical trials might study new factor treatments for people with bleeding disorders, or new anti-coagulation agents for people with clotting disorders.

More details on Industry-Sponsored Trials our HTC is involved in can be found here.

Investigator-Initiated Studies are generally grant-funded studies that  are usually investigator-driven. These studies are usually more observational in nature (meaning they ask questions or study the experience of patients) rather than interventional (meaning applying a change in care and seeing what happens). Some examples of Investigator-Initiated studies might be collecting clinical data too improve pediatric best practices, developing diagnostic assays for bleeding and clotting disorders, analyzing costs and quality-of-life issues for families with chronic diseases, and improving the standards of care for our patients.

More details on Investigator-Initiated Studies our HTC is involved in can be found here.

Bleeding Disorder Studies

Approximately two-thirds of our center's research efforts are focused on bleeding disorders. Our center works hard to have research that studies a variety of bleeding disorders, including rare disorders. We are committed to offer a wide variety of studies, ranging from collecting data about a patient's experience to testing new medications. Some of these are Industry-Sponsored, others are Investigator-Initiated.

Clotting Disorder and Stroke Studies

The remaining third of our research focuses on clotting disorders and pediatric stroke related conditions. These are primarily observational studies aimed at understanding the risk factors, prevention, and outcomes of blood clots and stroke. We have studies for both pediatric and adult populations affected by clotting disorders and stroke. 

If you have any questions about these types of research, and what trials and studies are available, you can reach our research team by calling 303-724-0306.




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