In addition to treating patients with bleeding and clotting disorders in our clinic, the HTC has a robust research program targeting both clinical research and lab research. 

Clinical Research  vs. Clinical Care

Sometimes it can be confusing to know the difference between clinical care (or medical care) and clinical research. At the HTC, this can be especially confusing if your doctor is also the one in charge of a study, or you enroll in a study at your clinical appointment.

Sometimes, enrolling in a research study allows you access to certain things you cannot get through clinical care, such as an experimental blood test. It is important to note that these types of tests and results cannot be used for diagnostics and are only meant to be included and analyzed within a study.

If you are in a research study, your study coordinator or members of our HTC staff will explain to you which parts of your visits will be covered by the study, and which parts of your visit will be billed to your insurance just like normal. 

Clinical Research

The Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center Research Department has many studies that are active and ongoing all the time.The HTC Professional Research Assistants (PRAs) coordinate a variety of types of studies ranging from data studies to clinical trails. The studies at our HTC are looking at a variety of topics in the bleeding and clotting disorders community, such as seeking to improve patient care, long and short-term joint health, inhibitors and therapies, pain, and burden of illness.

The research team also studies the effects and outcomes of childhood stroke, risk factors for thrombosis and stroke, features of blood clots, treatment and prevention of blood clots, and patient long-term outcomes.

Our Research Department has a strong leadership group, starting with our Clinical Research Program Director, Tyler Buckner. Managing the day to day operations and overseeing all study coordinators are our two Research Managers, Julie Smith, Manager of Investigator-Initiated Studies, and Kristi Norton, Manager of Industry-Sponsored Trials. To learn more about our Clinical Research Department, click here.

Translational (or Laboratory) Research 

Our on-site laboratory is responsible for the storage and analysis of thousands of blood samples, serving the HTC clinic as well as national studies that are on the cutting edge of detecting, defining and evaluating bleeding and clotting disorders. Dr. Marilyn Manco-Johnson manages the center's research lab, where an experienced staff of full time and student researchers work tirelessly to expand the field of coagulation testing. To learn more about the HTC Translational Research Team, click here.


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