Salary and Research Support for Research Intensive Faculty


Research is a cornerstone of the Department of Medicine’s mission. The goals of our program to provide support for our federally funded research intensive faculty are to:

  • Help our successful investigators be even more successful
  • Retain these investigators in our department
  • Recruit additional investigators to grow our research enterprise

The program is designed to provide additional protected time for our successful investigators to establish the science that changes our basic concepts of disease, disease pathogenesis, and health care. During this time of increasingly competitive funding climate, this extra time to focus on the science is critical to allow investigators to maintain and grow their extramural research support.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have primary faculty appointment in the Department of Medicine
  • Must be full-time effort(1.0 FTE; for VA investigators, includes UCD + VA FTE)
  • Must be a PI on an NIH R01 or R01 equivalent(other federally funded grants, 4+ years with similar budgets; no Ks or other Rs)
  • Must have at least 50% effort supported by federally funded grants.

Program Benefits

Salary support. These eligible investigators will receive salary support of up to 20% of the NIH cap, or actual salary, whichever is less(including benefits). To receive this salary support, investigators must shift an equivalent % effort to research activities. For example, an investigator receiving the equivalent of 15% effort supported from this program is required to shift 15% effort from non-research time to research time. Investigators who are fully funded will receive research support, outlined below.

% effort supported by federal grantsSalary support* provided by DOM + division**Research support provided by DOM + division**
50 – 89%11 - 20%-
90 – 95%5 – 10%$10,000 every 6 months
96 – 100%0 – 4%$20,000 every 6 months

*% of NIH cap, or actual salary, whichever is less (including benefits)
**split equally by DOM and divisions (50/50 split)

Operational Aspects

  • The salary support portion of the program began July 1, 2016
  • The additional funds of up to $20,000 every 6 months to support research expenses began January 1, 2018
  • Eligibility is assessed every six months
  • Six month lag between eligibility measurement period and initiation of support
  • Six months of "tail" support, if federally supported research effort dips below 50%
  • The salary support portion of this program will be funded equally by the DOM and Division
  • Additional research support for investigators with >90% effort supported by federal grants will also be funded equally by the DOM and Division.
  • Divisional participation in this program is voluntary but divisions must opt in or out completely from all parts of the program. If the Division opts out of the program, the DOM portion of support will not be funded.
  • Research support can be carried forward. Research support will also be included in the “tail” coverage.

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