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Jennifer Kemp, PhD, provides grant proposal development, writing, and editing support for Department of Medicine faculty. Supported grant proposal types range from individual investigator research projects to multi-investigator and institutional projects. Proposals for a variety of funding institutions are supported, including the National Institutes of Health (including R and K awards), Department of Defense, and private foundations.

Support is provided for many aspects of proposal development, including:
  • Full proposal review
  • Specific Aims page review
  • Interpreting critiques from peer review
  • Formulating response to reviewers
  • Revising proposal to address reviewer critiques
  • Improving quality and clarity of writing
  • Alignment of funding mechanism/research scope
  • Biosketch review
  • Addressing grantsmanship issues
  • Unifying a large proposal to read with a “single voice”

The review process is interactive, often involving several back-and-forth rounds of revision (time permitting). The most effective review can be provided if the process is begun at least 2-3 months in advance of a proposal deadline. Please contact us as soon as you know you would like help, even if you do not yet have a completed proposal draft. Because we may receive a heavy volume of proposals as a grant deadline approaches, proposals received near a grant deadline may not be able to receive as much time as needed.

To inquire regarding availability of this support, please contact:

Jennifer Kemp, PhD, Director, DOM Research Office  -, 303-724-9546

Jennifer Kemp, PhD
Jennifer Kemp has a unique background in both biomedical research and scientific writing. She earned her PhD at Harvard University, where she studied microbial development. Her postdoctoral studies were performed at the Stanford University Genome Technology Center, where she developed biotechnology for DNA microarrays and nanosensors. In the 10+ years since her postdoctoral research, she has worked as a scientific and medical writer. In the pharmaceutical industry, she wrote manuscripts reporting the results of clinical trials. As an independent consultant, she developed large, institutional grant proposals for several academic institutions. Most recently, she held a position at National Jewish Health in Denver as a scientific writer, where she worked with a variety of researchers on grant proposals ranging from individual investigator research studies to large, multi-investigator and institutional proposals. She joined the Department of Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in August 2015 as an Instructor and Medical Writer. Her goal is to help investigators craft the best grant proposals possible to increase the likelihood of funding success.

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