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Welcome to the Department of Medicine Research Office

This office was launched in 2015 to enhance support for the department’s research faculty, as a result of a 2014 research retreat among DOM faculty. Our faculty are already leaders in biomedical research (we are consistently among the top 25 departments of m​edicine nationwide in NIH research funding), but there are several areas where additional support is offered by the Research Office in order to improve the scale and impact of our research, while allowing our researchers to devote more of their time to research activities:

Grant-writing assistance 

Grant writing assistance including proposal development and editing support for Department of Medicine faculty. Supported grant proposal types range from individual investigator research projects to multi-investigator and institutional projects. Proposals for a variety of funding institutions are supported, including the National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, and private foundations.

Administration of DOM funding programs to stimulate new research

We provide centralized management of the various research funding programs available through the Department of Medicine administration:

Support for division grant administration

We can facilitate the pre-award process, by assisting with training, larger PPG, and other grants, as well as supplying a database of necessary tables. We can also assist with divisional post-award research productivity tracking. We hold regular division-wide administrator meetings to promote best practices among all DOM grant management professionals.

Clinical research support

We work with the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Regulatory Compliance, which provides dedicated, DOM-specific access to regulatory assistance. We also maintain a list of key resources for clinical investigators, including COMIRB, CCTSI and the Clinical Research Center.

Research development

We work to identify additional funding sources beyond the NIH and serve as a liaison between funding agencies and investigators, to help broaden the DOM research portfolio and complement our NIH funding.

Streamlined grant application and management processes

We maintain and update a set of tools and templates designed to simplify the completion of sections common to many grant applications (descriptions of the hospital, campus and department, responsible conduct of research (RCR) statement and resources, etc.) so that our researchers can devote more time to the key science sections of their grants. We also work with the Grants & Contracts Office, SARC, UCH and the VA to simplify the research and grants process across units.

Management of DOM research space

We represent the DOM in campus-wide efforts to efficiently manage and allocate research (and storage) space among units and labs. If you need to make a request for additional research, office, or storage space on campus, we will be your first point of contact. Additionally, we generate quarterly research dashboards that, along with the annual SOM research productivity report, serve to inform the conversation of space usage on campus.

Annual DOM Research Day

We help organize this annual event highlighting the department's achievements in basic science and translational research.

Please use the menu at left to learn more about the services and support available through the Research Office, or contact us:

Jenny KempJennifer Kemp, PhD
Director, DOM Research Office; Grant Writer


Alesia El Ali, CRAAlesia El Ali, CRA
Research Office Grants and Program Manager
You may also send an email to for assistance.

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