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The goal of the Just-Missed R01 Program is to sustain research-focused faculty who are having difficulties conducting highly significant research due to temporary funding challenges. This program is modeled after the NIH R56 Program. The ideal candidate for the program will be an investigator who just missed the funding payline on their A1 or terminal submission of an NIH R01 proposal.  

These funds are intended to allow faculty to obtain key preliminary data and maintain research personnel to enable funding successful submission of a revised R01 application. Priority will be given to faculty whose R01 proposals received positive reviews with addressable comments and are within 10% of the payline. This program differs from the School of Medicine bridge program because a complete loss (or imminent complete loss) of major grant funding is not an eligibility criterion for the Department of Medicine Just-Missed R01 Program.  

The following principles will guide our allocation of funds:

  • These funds will only be available for faculty with a primary appointment in the Department of Medicine, whose research operations are located on the Anschutz campus, and whose indirect costs are assigned to the Department of Medicine.

  • The Program will provide support for faculty with R01 grant applications that have received a favorable review and scored within 10 percentage points over the known NIH payline (i.e. If the NIH payline is 12%, faculty with R01 applications that received 13-22% are eligible to apply).

  • Faculty may have no more than one actively funded federal grant. Faculty with funded K awards and no more than 1 actively funded federal grant are eligible.

Read more about the application and review process. 

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