Department of Medicine Faculty Promotion and Tenure

Faculty Promotion and Tenure - Katie Rodriguez,​; 303.724.2074

SOM COVID-19 Promotion Timeline Extension Offering:

  • To help mitigate the impact of changes due to the COVID-19 response, all Assistant Professors regardless of year in rank are offered a 1-year promotion timeline extension.
  • To ensure the extension offer has been reviewed, all Assistant Professors must send an e-mail to Katie Rodriguez, Department of Medicine Business and HR Manager and accept or decline the offer by 8/31/2020. (
  • The 1-year extension offer is for all Assistant Professors but specifically targeted to those 3-4 years in rank with the ability to assess impact of pandemic response on their readiness for promotion.
  • Requests for extensions greater than 1-year must use the standard promotion extension request form. Please work with your Division Administrator to complete.
  • Questions: Review the 2020 Promotion Extension FAQ or contact

Department of Medicine Promotion Timeline:

  • Notification from SOM of faculty due to go up for promotion: Mid-August
  • Faculty start dossier preparation: Mid-August or before
  • Deadline for letters to be submitted to DOM Chair for signature: October 15 
  • Documents due to DOM: October 31
  • Deadline to the SOM: December 31 

Promotions Approval Process Timeline:

  • December – January: Department of Medicine promotions applications are submitted to the School of Medicine 
  • January – June: Applications are reviewed by the SOM Faculty Promotions Committee and from there move to the Chancellor level with an effective date of July 1

The School of Medicine Faculty Promotions Committee meets twice a month from January to June. 
Formal approval and announcements will be made as review is complete. Final date for process June 30.  

Department of Medicine receives notice when Department review is complete at Promotions Committee

NOTE: No formal announcements are made until approval occurs at the Chancellor level. 

Final approval at Chancellor level, all effective July 1. 

DOM Mid-Course Review Information:

All Assistant Professors must undergo a comprehensive mid-course review during the third or fourth year of the Assistant Professor appointment. This evaluation is detailed, comprehensive, and resembles a "mock" promotion review. 

Each junior faculty member in need of a mid-course review will be required to prepare an “expedited” dossier, which will be reviewed to evaluate the faculty member's progress towards promotion. Faculty members are evaluated on teaching, research/scholarship, and service, depending on the track that they are pursuing.

Refer to the Mid-Course Review page for more information. Questions:

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