Turn on

To Turn on the Audio-Visual System 

Approach touch panel located behind lectern in wall If panel not illuminated – Touch anywhere on screen

Once illuminated – Touch anywhere on screen to begin






– Presentation – this is the selection to use the Laptop or Wireless connectivity. (see page 3)

2    Audio Conference  this is the selection for making and audio call.(see page 4)

3   – ZOOM Meeting – this is the selection for making a Zoom call or using the dedicated PC for room. (see page 6)

4   – Room Mute – This selection will Mute the Ceiling mics in the room. When Muted the mics will have a RED ring on them. When unmuted the mics will be GREEN. This button is used at any time to MUTE outgoing audio on a ZOOM or audio Conference Call.

5    Tools  Page for Techs, Display power and Audio controls. (see page 9-10)

6    Power  Button for Turning OFF audio visual system (see page 10)

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