​Welcome all Integrated Clinical Education (ICE) clinical instructors. If you have any questions related to ICE, please contact the Clinical Education team at 303-724-9344, or via e-mail: Catherine.Bilyeu@cuanschutz.edu or Joe.Palmer@cuanschutz.edu

2022 Dates for ICE

ICE I: September 12-16 and Nov 14-18, 2022
ICE II: October 10-21, 2022

ICE Instructor Training Materials

Designed to prepare you to be a successful clinical instructor in our ICE curriculum. Upon completion, you should have a good understanding of the structure, goals and objectives, and assignments associated with ICE, as well as strategies to engage your team of students in collaborative learning and deeper clinical reasoning.

ICE Documents

PLEX Library

Navigate below to locate Planned Learning Experiences (PLEX) for your students. The links below allow you to search based on ICE 1, ICE 2, both, or by setting. The full PLEX library is also below.

Full Library

Training Module Videos

First Time Instructors (ICE I or ICE II):

  1. Start with the Overview module
  2. Move on to either ICE I or ICE II modules
  3. After you watch the Overview and ICE I or ICE II modules
  4. Watch the Clinical Reasoning and Teamwork/Collaboration modules
  5. Complete the survey at the bottom of the page

Returning Instructors:

View any module at any time if you feel it may be helpful.