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The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Faculty Residency is a structured, post-professional education program for licensed physical therapists who have graduated from an accredited DPT program who aspire to an academic faculty position. The program is designed to significantly advance preparation of the physical therapist as a highly qualified educator and productive academic scholar. Potential as a future leader in physical therapist education develops through multiple teaching experiences, structured mentorship opportunities, and mentored educational scholarship throughout the program. The program also offers access to the resources of the University of Colorado Physical Therapy Program on the Anschutz Medical Campus.

The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Faculty Residency was approved for Candidacy status by the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education (ABPTRFE) as of January 31, 2021 and will be accepting applications for the next resident for the 2022/2023 cycle in December 2021. This is an 18-month residency program that begins in July 2022 and ends in December 2023. The application cycle will open December 1, 2021 through RF-PTCAS.

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The mission of the University of Colorado PT Program Faculty Residency Program is to develop competent faculty who are prepared to engage in innovative education by providing a curriculum and mentored experience that supports excellence in the preparation of future healthcare providers and participation in academia.



Why should I consider applying to a faculty development physical therapy residency program?

The purpose of a physical therapy residency program is to significantly advance the knowledge and skill set of a licensed physical therapist who wants to specialize in a specific area of physical therapy. For a faculty residency, this means that our residency program is intended for those individuals who want to become experts in the educational area of physical therapy. It is not just an opportunity to gain more experience.  

How long does the University of Colorado Faculty Development Residency Program take to complete?

This residency program is 18 months beginning in July and ending in December of the following year.

What do you look for in an ideal applicant?

We are looking for individuals with strong leadership skills who have the desire to focus on becoming full-time physical therapist (or PTA) educators and academic scholars. 

How much teaching experience do I need to be considered for this residency program?

Some prior teaching experience is required since the best applicants are people who know they are committed to becoming faculty. However, we understand that not everyone has had many opportunities for teaching. Thus, all applicants have the opportunity to present their reasons and vision for why they want to pursue becoming physical therapist educator at this stage of their career. You will be given the opportunity to explain why you want to specialize in education and complete a residency program in your application to our program.

What kind of supervision and/or mentorship will I receive in this program?

It is important to understand that in a residency program, you are no longer a student and do not require direct supervision. Instead, as a licensed physical therapist working towards a specialization in physical therapist education, you will receive at least 150 hours of mentorship from mentors in order to help prepare you as a highly qualified faculty member who can successfully contribute to teaching, research (education scholarship), service and governance. 

How much does the residency program cost?

There is NO tuition cost for any program participant. In fact, residents are paid as part of the faculty. (more information on the stipend is below)

How many people typically apply to this program and how many are applicants are accepted?

This residency is only accepting one resident per year.

Will I get paid as a Resident?

Yes, the Resident is hired as a university employee at the rank of Instructor, and the salary is ~$53,000 plus benefits. Benefits (health, life, disability) are provided as a full-time employee of the University of Colorado.

When will your application become available?

The application is available through RF-PTCAS (the centralized web-based application) in October. We also require a supplemental fee in addition to the application and fees through RF-PTCAS.

What happens after I apply?

The application deadline is February 2022 for the July 2022 start date. In order to be considered as an applicant, the RF-PTCAS application must be complete and verified, including submission of all additional materials and fees. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications will be reviewed by a committee, and invitations to complete an initial interview using Zoom (computer audio and video) will be issued. An onsite interview may occur as well. Additional information will be provided later. 

Each applicant is required to complete the RF-PTCAS application and pay the Program's supplemental application fee. Failure to pay the supplemental application fee will result in your application being considered incomplete.


Please carefully read and review this website. If you would like additional information, you may contact:
Dana Judd, PT, DPT, PhD


Mary Jane Rapport, PT, DPT, PhD, FAPTA

Each applicant is required to complete the RF-PTCAS application and pay the Program's supplemental application fee of $75. Failure to pay the supplemental application fee will result in your application being considered incomplete.