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Mentee Testimonials:

“The TIGRR workshop was crucial for my career. It directly had an impact on my grant writing and allowed me to polish my most recent proposal. It was also very valuable to see the grant writing process from multiple perspectives and to interact with representatives from various funding agencies. Overall attending TIGRR was a great time investment!”

“This was an excellent experience to help me prepare for writing an R01. I received a variety of input on my application. My direct mentors and other TIGRR mentors continue to mentor me on all aspects of my application. I have been able to secure an AHA grant-in-Aid award and have been placed on a wait list for a DoD application.”

“I tell all young faculty that I meet that they need to go. Honestly, it was probably one of the most productive weeks of my career, when I think about the overarching value of the program. The week was intense, and consisted of a lot of writing, and meeting--but I got a ton out of it.”

“The workshop was enormously helpful to me. I came away from the workshop with a much clearer idea of how to move forward with the proposal that I was working on at the time. I also felt much more optimistic about planning a research and funding trajectory. The opportunity to speak to people across the rehabilitation research spectrum, from senior PIs and POs to new investigator peers was very helpful.”

“It is not an exaggeration to state that attending TIGRR was a turning point of my academic career. In the workshop, I learned how my peers develop their cohesive line of research. It also provided me an opportunity to examine my environment. The experience was not all pleasant and was embarrassing for me to be honest. But that gut check was exactly what I needed when I needed it. The follow-up after TIGRR was what really made a difference for me. I was able to stay connected with my mentor, and the K01 proposal we developed was funded in 2018 after 3 years of effort.”

“The mentors at TIGRR could not have been more helpful, and continue to be extremely helpful. This experience was very important for helping me to understand the culture of grant review and grant writing. It has helped inform my approach to grant writing so I feel more confident in the process, rather than feeling as though I'm at the mercy of some mystical luck machine.”

“It was a wonderful experience coming from a physician researcher. It was great to interact with non-physician researchers and get their input on the research ideas presented.”

“My experience at TIGRR was quite valuable as my discussions with senior faculty at the workshop led me to redevelop my aims into an R01 proposal that was recently funded.”

“TIGRR was an excellent use of funds and time that has given me a tremendous amount of grantsmanship knowledge and skills. Every administrator that I have told about TIGRR (chair, dean, external program reviewer) has been impressed with the content and experience I gained at TIGRR, particularly the one-on-one meetings with Program Officers/Managers and senior researchers. I recommend TIGRR to any junior faculty peers.”

“Following my participation in TIGRR, I was awarded a KL2 from the University of Miami CTSI. I am confident that I would not have been awarded this grant had I not had the opportunity to attend TIGRR.”

“I was successful with a grant application to the NSF’s National Robotics Initiative this year, with a collaborative application aiming at a new style of robotics for lower-limb rehabilitation…This was very much facilitated by the training at TIGRR (application was written in January and February), so I want to say ‘Thanks’.”

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