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Thank you for your interest in the CU Physical Therapy Program Hybrid Pathway

CU Anschutz and UCCS are academic partners within the CU System who provide a unified academic curriculum offered as a Residential Pathway in Aurora, CO or a Hybrid Pathway in Colorado Springs, CO. In collaboration with the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) Campus, the CU Physical Therapy Program offers a Hybrid Pathway. The UCCS Hybrid Pathway will share the same coursework and have the same graduation requirements at the Residential Pathway on the Anschutz Medical Campus. Utilizing resources and talent from both the CU Anschutz Medical Campus, and the UCCS Campus in Colorado Springs, we combine our world-class physical therapy education with innovative teaching practices and practical experiences.

Students in the hybrid pathway will have the option to live in their local community throughout their DPT education and travel to the UCCS Campus for approximately 7-14 days of intensive lab immersion within each semester or learning block. The rest of the course content occurs online in synchronous (“live”) or asynchronous format. The hybrid track blends the convenience of online learning with the excellence of in-person lab immersion experiences throughout the educational experience. Students with specific interest in rural healthcare and preparation for pursuing a PT career in a rural community are considered ideal candidates for the hybrid program in Colorado Springs. Clinical experiences will be offered in the Colorado Springs area, rural Colorado, and across the nation. It may also be possible for students to complete clinical experiences in their local community.

Tuition rates are equal for both the hybrid and residential pathways. For more information about tuition costs, please visit our Tuition and Fees webpage.


On November 23, 2022, the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) approved the Application for Approval of Substantive Change.

General Program FAQs can be found here

Common FAQs regarding the Hybrid Pathway are listed below: 

Can students switch from hybrid to residential and vice versa once they are enrolled? 
  • Whatever pathway a student is accepted and matriculated into is the pathway they should expect to complete. Students with extenuating life circumstances may petition to switch pathways. Although these petitions will be considered on an individual basis, note that the possibility of switching pathways is unlikely.
If a hybrid pathway student lives in the Denver Metro Area can they access the Anschutz Medical Campus?
  • Students in the Hybrid Pathway are enrolled through the CU School of Medicine (CU SOM). Therefore, they have access to Student Services through the Anschutz Medical Campus (including the Registrar, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Office of Disability, Access and Inclusion, and Veteran & Military Student Services).
  • As of Spring 2024, details are pending regarding badge access to Anschutz Buildings and student access to the Health and Wellness Center. Hybrid Pathway students are not permitted to attend Residential classes or labs, as they are enrolled specifically in Hybrid Pathway course sections.
Will there be interaction amongst the Hybrid and Residential pathway students?
  • Hybrid and Residential Pathway students will both be included in the Interprofessional Education curriculum. Hybrid students will participate in interprofessional programming remotely with the other Anschutz students (such as MD, nursing, dental medicine, pharmacy, etc.). There is also a PT student tutoring program through which 2nd & 3rd year students provide tutoring to the 1st year students. This program will be combined and include both the residential and hybrid pathway students. Each student will also receive a 2nd or 3rd year "buddy" which may blend Hybrid and Residential Pathway students. There will also be the opportunity for socialization as well as volunteerism/community service between both campuses.
How do I find housing/accommodations for the lab immersions?
  • Students are responsible for finding their own housing for lab immersions and may want to consider short-term rentals or hotel rooms to share. During summer semesters there may be the opportunity to reside in the dormitories on campus. There will be a Facebook page created for each cohort to facilitate group communication. 
Can I set up a clinical rotation in my home community?  
  • We can never guarantee clinical placements in a particular area due to complexity of placements, but our clinical education team will do what it can to help students remain close to their home communities. There is no intention of requiring students in the Hybrid Pathway to come to Denver for any clinicals unless they want to. 
  • All Hybrid Pathway students will be required to complete one of their rotations in a rural location. If that requirement is completed in Colorado, housing may be provided for the duration of the clinical to alleviate that burden for students.
  • For students who live in California, note that it may be challenging to secure in-state clinical sites. There are currently some existing affiliations available across the state; however, due to scope of practice/legislative barriers, setting up new clinical sites may be challenging. Therefore, students may need to be placed at clinical sites outside of California.
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