Pituitary Center

The Pituitary Center provides comprehensive multidisciplinary care for the evaluation and treatment of pituitary tumors and neuroendocrine disorders.  Our highly trained staff comprised of Neurosurgeons, Neuroendocrinologists, Neuropathologists, Radiation Oncologists, and Clinical Researchers are dedicated to delivering the very best care for our patients.  With expertise ranging from the treatment and management of non-functioning pituitary tumors to hormone-secreting tumors resulting in Cushing’s Disease and Acromegaly, we offer expertise treating Craniopharyngiomas, Prolactinomas,  and tumors in the hypothalamic region.  Using the state-of-the-art facilities at University of Colorado Hospital, our diverse staff collaborates in a multidisciplinary approach using the most advanced treatment strategies in the management of patients with pituitary tumors.   Our unique approach allows for complete patient care, from the initial evaluation through surgical intervention and post-operative follow-up.  

Neurosurgical treatment is provided by Dr. Samy Youssef and Dr. Kevin Lillehei,  who offers greater than 25 years of surgical experience with well over 1,100 patients treated via a trans-nasal approach.  

Neuroendocrinologist Margaret Wierman, M.D. is highly skilled at managing the sequelae of hypothalamic and pituitary dysfunction resulting in hormonal or adrenal insufficiency. 

The Pituitary Center offers innovative medical therapeutics and clinical trial options. Our Neuroendocrinologists are experienced in diagnostic strategies, the administration of replacement hormones and medication to block hormone excess syndromes, as well as investigational drugs for the treatment of Cushing's disease, Acromegaly and growth hormone deficiency.  Our Radiation Oncologists are highly experienced at delivering stereotactic radiation for the treatment and management of invasive pituitary tumors and craniopharyngiomas using the Novalis Brain Lab™ system.  The Clinical Research Team is engaged in cutting edge research ranging from genetic testing for pituitary tumor markes to novel treatments of neuroendocrine disease.

Our highly trained clinical specialists offer patient education, including teaching self-administration of medications requiring injection, and assist with specialized hormone testing procedures.  For more information on pituitary tumors, click here.

The University of Colorado Hospital Pituitary Center encompasses multiple services directed at facilitating neuroendocrine care:

  • Pituitary Tumor Center
  • Pituitary Clinical Trials
  • Neuroendocrine Testing
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Neurosurgical Technique
  • Neuro-Ophthalmology
  • Interventional Radiology
  • Education

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