Current Resident Research

Tim Ung, MD 

(PI - Kevin Lillehei)

  • GliadelTM Wafer Utilization in Recurrent Glioma by Stratified Patient Subgroups: A Retrospective Review

(PI - Samy Youssef)

  • Post-operative outcomes for nervus intermedius function following acoustic neuroma resection / GKS
  • Correlation of pre-operative MRI for olfactory tract imaging with intraoperative findings and olfaction outcome
  • Facial Nerve DTI Correlation with Intraoperative Neuro-Monitoring Findings (64)

(PI - Ryan Ormand)

  • The use of temodar and radiation for recurrent high grade meningioma.

(PI - Todd Hankinson)

(PI - Todd Hankinson) 

  • The use of Sodium Fluorescein resection of pediatric brain tumors 

Tim Ung, MD 

(PI - Peter Witt)

  • Narcotic consumption in discectomies: microscopic versus endoscopic  
  • Frank Walch, MD

    (PI - Robert Neumann)

    • Delirium Prevention in Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Patients through Utilization of Occupational Therapy
    • Implementation of a Nurse-Driven Mobility Program on Patient Mobilization

    Gregoire Chatain, MD; Jessa Hoffman, MD; Blake Wittenberg, MD 

    (PI - Peter Witt)

    • Prediction of Postoperative Global Sagittal Alignment Using Musculoskeletal Modeling – Validation Study

    Gregoire Chatain, MD

    (PI - Peter Witt)

    • Cervical fusion vs. laminoplasty - a review of outcomes

    (PI - Michael Finn)

    • Review of transoral odontoidectomy. Where do we stand? A historical perspective and a single-centre experience
    • Spinal arachnoid cyst: surgical versus conservative management
    • Clinical outcomes in spinal cord ependymomas

    Blake Wittenberg, MD 

    (PI - Peter Witt)

    • The Development of a Technical Skills Test to Improve Assessment and Evaluation in Endoscopic Spine Education  

    Akal Sethi, MD 

    (PI - Peter Witt)

    • A Double Blinded Randomized control trial in Outcomes for Lumbar Decompressions with use of Liposomal Bupivicaine
    • A Case Series of Thoracic interbody Fusion for Thoracic Disc Herniations

    Jeremy Hosein, MD 

    (White House Fellowship)

    Ung Walch Frank Chatain Gregoire Hoffman Wittenber Sethi Hosein Jeremy

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