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“Today was a BIG  day for me as a runner. It was the first time I have jogged 3 miles since my tumor was removed.   What a perfect day to share my progress!!!  Please let Dr. Youssef know how grateful we are for him and his team.  Thank you to everyone for all that you do!”
CU Neurosurgery Patient   


“I'm feeling GREAT! Dr. Duhon and the entire CU team have been amazing!  The entire surgical experience has really exceeded my expectations.  Thank you all so much for all you do!”
JS, CU Neurosurgery Patient

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“I had the privilege of having Dr. Lillehei and his team perform some cutting edge procedures to remove cancerous growth, chondrosarcoma, in the base of my skull and spine, C1 and C2,through the roof of my mouth.  That was back in July 2012. It's now May 2020 and I'm thankful for every day since that I've been given.  My follow up visits with Dr. Finn over the last eight years have gradually been further and further apart.   I've always looked forward to seeing him!  Dr. Finn, see ya in two years, yahoo!”
CU Neurosurgery Patient

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“After 4 failed pain injections I finally found a doctor that will help me.  Dr. Lennarson was superb.  He answered any and all questions without hesitation and made sure I was comfortable with everything. His staff of Lawrence, Ebony, and Carl were also standouts.”
DF, CU Neurosurgery Patient



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