Alumni of CU Neurosurgery

CU Neurosurgery has launched dozens of highly skilled, compassionate and transformational neurosurgeons who have spanned the globe.  From Arizona to New York, Harvard to Stanford, Research Institutes to Academic Centers – we are so proud of our alumni.   Some are retired, some are deceased, but most are doing great things all over the globe.   We have a few pictured, but if you’d like to know more about where people are now, and what they are doing, click on the links we’ve provided below. 

Dates at CU NeurosurgeryGraduate
1957Thomas Craigmile, MD
1961Dave Bloom, MD
1962Verner Friedman, MD
1963Michael Pollay, MD
1964O. Howard Reichman, MD
1965Ralph Kaplan, MD
1967Arthur Bard, MD
1968Keith Sadler, MD
1969Robert Hendee, MD
1970Gene Bolles, MD
1971Ken Winston, MD
1972Richard Pressley, MD
1973Ronald Ignelzi, MD
1974Henry Fieger, MD
1975John Ferguson, MD
1976Richard Simon, MD
1977Jay Ogsbury, MD
1978Jay Law, MD
1979Shane Maa, MD
1980Lee Krauth, MD
1985Thomas C. Ribovich, MD
1986Karol Zakalik, MD
1983-88J. Michael Geier, MD
1984-88Andrew H. Rhea, MD
1985-89Michael Griffith,
1985-90John Nichols, MD, PhD
1986-91Irene Willingham, MD
1987-92Wayne Wittenberg, MD
1988-93Michael Burke, MD
1989-94Gary Gasser, MD
1990-95Kerry Brega, MD
1991-96A. Stewart Levy, MD
1992-97J. Adair Prall, MD
1993-98Lori A. McBride, MD
1994-99Bryan Duke, MD
1995-00J. Peter Witt, MD
1996-01John Hudson, MD
1997-02Marjorie Wang, MD
1998-03Sean Markey, MD
1999-04Kathy Beauchamp, MD
2000-05Matthew Chang, MD
2001-06John Lopez, MD
2002-07David VanSickle, MD
2003-08Joshua Seinfeld, MD
2003-08Jennifer Kang, MD
2003-10Brian Callahan, M.
2003-11Lars Widdel, MD
2006-12O. Adetola Roberts, MD
2007-12Oszkar Szentirmai, MD
2006-13Scott Bell, MD
2007-13Yasuaki Harasaki, MD
2007-13Joseph Ho, MD
2007-14David Shafer, MD
2008-15Derrick Sun, MD
2008-15Samuel Waller, MD
2009-16M. Dustin Richardson, MD
2009-16Jacob Freeman, MD
2010-2017Steven Carr, MD
2011 - 2018Leslie Robinson, MD
2011 - 2018Ramesh Kumar, MD
2015 - 2019Pal Randhawa, MD
2012 -2019Daniel Craig, MD


A Few of our Neurosurgery Stars

Pal Randhawa

Pal Randhawa, MD

Brian Callahan
Brian Callahan, MD

kerry brega

Kerry Brega, MD

Marjorie Wang

Marjorie Wang, MD

John Ferguson

John Ferguson, MD

O. Adetola Roberts

O. Adetola Roberts, MD

Karol Zakalik

Karol Zakalik, MD

Leslie Robinson

Leslie Robinson, MD

matthew chang

Matthew Chang, MD

Kathryn Beauchamp

Kathryn Beauchamp, MD

gary gasser

Gary Gasser, MD